Many Solutions to Unlock and Mobilize Resources for Development

3:45:26 PM | 6/27/2022

A sunny, windy land with arid soil, Ninh Thuan has made spectacular development to assert its solid position and gradually become a leading light on the national map of investment attraction.

Mr. Tran Quoc Nam, Chairman of Ninh Thuan Provincial People's Committee, said that the provincial government always desires to support business development, facilitate investment, production and business, and develop the private economy into a crucial engine of economic growth. Therefore, the province will continue to implement strong solutions to unlock and mobilize all resources for development.

Optimistic economy

In 2021, despite general difficulties seen across the country, Ninh Thuan province still made positive progress in some fields, making it a bright spot in the region. Notably, its GRDP climbed 9%, the fourth highest in the country and the highest in the North Central and Central Coast regions. Its economic size was 1.15 times higher than in 2020.

In the first quarter of 2022, the province's GRDP increased by 4.18%, driven by all rising industries and fields (agriculture growing by 6.24%, industry - construction by 4.21%, and services by 5.23%). The province continued to effectively remove difficulties against businesses and ensured social security policies in a complete and timely manner. Provincial budget revenue totaled VND1,301 billion, equivalent to 37% of the full-year plan. The Index of Industrial Production (IIP) expanded by 6.56% from a year ago. Tourism recovered and showed signs of prosperity when tourist arrivals reached 790,600 strong, up 87% year on year. Trade and service growth continued, with total retail revenue of consumer goods and services rising by 14.6%. During this reporting period, the province witnessed 207 newly established enterprises with a combined registered capital of VND10,491.3 billion, up 38% by enterprises and 7.3 times by value. Many businesses have boldly changed their investment and business strategies.

At the First Quarter Business Meeting and Dialogue, which took place on May 13, 2022, Mr. Le Kim Hoang, Director of Ninh Thuan Department of Planning and Investment, said that the province achieved positive results in investment attraction. In the first four months of 2022, the province licensed six projects with a total capital of VND6,994.4 billion, gave nod to locations chosen by five prospective projects with VND3,809.9 billion; and allowed 15 existing projects to add VND20,981.39 billion to their investment base. The province has also adopted support solutions for enterprises and cooperatives to restore their operations, including financial and credit support, tax support and employment support. It hosted the New Year Meeting with businesses in early 2022 in order to promptly provide socio-economic information, communicate on business support results, and solve difficulties and problems faced by local enterprises. The department coordinated with the Business Development Department under the Ministry of Planning and Investment to successfully open the Digital Transformation Workshop for businesses in a bid to raise their awareness and accelerate the digital transformation in production, business, and administration.

Strong solutions

2022 is an important year as the province will continue to carry out thematic resolutions of the Provincial Party Committee (2020-2025 term), in the context of intertwined advantages, difficulties and challenges. Ninh Thuan will continue to implement strong solutions to open up and mobilize all resources for development, successfully and comprehensively complete socioeconomic development goals set for 2022 according to resolutions of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial People's Council. At the same time, the province will adhere to the action motto "Working together - Overcoming challenges - Taking opportunities - Reviving the economy", gradually renewing thinking and methods to make strong progress in leadership and administration where people and businesses are given first priority service. It will drastically reform procedures, processes and time for handling administrative procedures; and raise PCI, SIPAS, PAPI, PAR-INDEX and DTI indices in a sustainable manner.

Mr. Le Kim Hoang also said: “Ninh Thuan Business Association, Ninh Thuan Young Entrepreneurs Association and industry associations will continue to better connect entrepreneurs and businesses together to share, exchange experiences and form a friendly, close bridge with authorities of all tiers to join forces for a growing business community of Ninh Thuan province."

Source: Vietnam Business Forum