VICEM Ha Tien: Leading Gray to Green Transition in Cement Production

10:52:41 AM | 9/7/2022

Not only being a strong cement manufacturer in Vietnam, VICEM Ha Tien Cement Joint Stock Company is also a pioneering investor of technological transformation driven by alternative use of "green" fuels in production for environmental protection and sustainable development.

Riding the wave to asserts its position

VICEM Ha Tien, established in 1964, is the first cement producer in the south and the second in Vietnam (after Hai Phong Cement). Starting from just a clinker grinder with a yearly capacity of 240,000 tons in Kien Luong (Kien Giang province) and a cement mill with a yearly capacity of 300,000 tons in Thu Duc (Ho Chi Minh City), VICEM Ha Tien has now become a large cement producer in the south with over 30% of the market share.

The company currently has two factories and three crushers powered by advanced technology and modern equipment imported from G7 countries. Its products are distributed in Southeast, Southwest, South Central Coast and Central Highlands. The company has a total annual output capacity of more than 4.6 million tons of clinker and 7.5 million tons of cement, and contributes to the growth and industry-leading role of Vietnam Cement Corporation.

With outstanding production capacity and advanced production lines, VICEM Ha Tien has brought to market more than 15 different cement product lines to meet consumer needs, facilitating quicker industrialization and modernization of the nation. Its products are highly appreciated, trusted and chosen by consumers.

In Kien Giang, Kien Luong Cement Plant currently produces 1.9 million tons of cement and 2.56 million tons of clinker a year. In addition, the facility is making an investment to raise its capacity by 2 million tons of clinker and 1 million tons of cement a year.

In 2021, despite being heavily affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, with the close direction of the leadership and the unity and solidarity of all the staff, Kien Luong Cement Plant successfully completed its business plans. The cement output reached 1,401,593 tons, or 90.7% of the plan and the clinker output was 2,214,737 tons, equal 88.0% of the plan. In 2022, boosted by the economic recovery in the country, its business performance has grown well.

Beside business development, VICEM Ha Tien, including its Kien Luong Cement Plant, always takes the lead in social security and community development. Its welfare policy for employees is always consistent with collective bargaining agreement. Every year, the plant provides support for retirees, helps poor employees with medical expenses. Furthermore, the company conducts charity activities and provides active support for local entities.

Green and sustainable development

Strengthening its leading role, in recent years, VICEM Ha Tien, including its Kien Luong Cement Plant, has upgraded its technology in a bid to achieve sustainable development by minimizing the use of non-renewable raw materials and searching for alternative sources of raw materials while renovating technological chains to increase production capacity, reduce consumption and protect the environment. Accordingly, the plant has put into operation an industrial waste incineration system to partly replace coal heat.

Since its inception in 1964, VICEM Ha Tien cement brand has been deeply imprinted in consumers' mind with its "Green Unicorn" icon. In recognition of its great achievements and contributions to the cause of national construction and development, the company was honored to receive the Third-class Labor Order, many emulation flags and certificates of merit from the Prime Minister, central and local authorities and agencies.

Mr. Luu Dinh Cuong, General Director of VICEM Ha Tien, said that with its ambition for leadership and sustainable investment strategy, VICEM Ha Tien always focuses on green-manufactured products and reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. This not only ensures production quality but also helps environmental protection and energy conservation and helps employees to be aware of their responsibility to the environment and community.

By Ngoc Tung

Source: Vietnam Business Forum