SCG Plays the Pioneering Role in Driving Regional Sustainability Through Green Innovations Showcased at APEC 2022

9:02:38 AM | 11/18/2022

As the regional sustainable business leader, SCG joins hands with the government of Thailand to bring a green innovation of SCG to The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) 2022, specifically in Energy Transition Solution, Green Polymer Solution and Green Construction as well as supportive efforts of Green Meeting practice through supporting decoration of conference venues with recycled paper innovations.

These initiatives lead the way for regional discussion and cooperation toward the green economy, by overcoming the increasing global challenges of energy crisis, economic recession and climate change. 

APEC is a regional economic forum with 21 member economies across Asia-Pacific region, including Vietnam. Established in 1989, APEC has its core value of promoting regional economic integration under a non-legally binding manner and friendly environment. As the regional sustainable business leader, this year, SCG has worked closely with the organizer of APEC 2022 Thailand to embed the sustainability concept that promotes regional cooperation towards a sustainable future. 

Mr. Nithi Patarachoke, President of Cement-Building Materials Business at SCG, said, "Aside from being an APEC Communication Partners for the APEC Economic Leaders Meeting, SCG is proud to collaborate with all regional stakeholders to share our initiatives and innovations to tackle the global challenges, especially economy recovery, leading to a common welfare for the regional communities."

Accordingly, under a SCG’s booth concept “Together to Sustainable Future '' in APEC’s Economic Leaders Forum (APEC 2022 Thailand) during November 14-19, 2022, SCG presents its diverse innovations and collaborations aimed at joining force to recover the economy after COVID-19 highlights include: 

The Energy Transition Solutions by SCG which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. For example, the agricultural waste as “Biomass” is used to replace fossil energy in production process, while another high-quality biomass is “Green Biocoal” which is the biomass that is increased heating value through an innovative processing. The green biocoal is utilized as alternative to coal. Such initiatives significantly reduce the open burning and PM2.5. Moreover, the integrated clean energy solution “SCG Cleanergy” comes in the form of a smart grid to manage clean energy for easy trading of power generated by clean energy. 

The world’s first and only “Chalom – the logo of APEC 2022 Thailand”: It is created using CPAC 3D Printing Solution This printing technology offers design freedom and aesthetics. It is the introduction of a large-scale 3D printing solution made with SCG’s low-carbon hybrid cement for structural work that is marine-friendly. It has excellent construction speed and can reduce material waste by at least 70%. It can be manufactured in several ways, including construction and decoration, furniture and landscape decoration work, as well as printing as a base material onto juvenile corals. In collaboration with APEC 2022 Thailand, the Chalom will be placed in the ocean to revive damaged natural coral reefs, foster greater biodiversity in the marine ecosystems, and promote tourism and general sustainable income for communities.

The green polymer solution under the brand “SCGC GREEN POLYMER '' by SCG Chemicals or SCGC. SCGC also joined forces with Braskem, the world’s largest biopolymer manufacturer from Brazil, to invest and construct a “bio-ethanol dehydration plant to produce bio-ethylene and bio-polyethylene” to satisfy growing demand for bio-plastic products and drive greener plastic industry.

In another effort, SCG utilizes recycled paper innovation for the green meeting decoration in the APEC 2022 summit since November 2021, called the “Green Meeting.” The materials were designed with aesthetics, durability, reusability, lightweight, portability, and after-use recycling in mind. Moreover, Eco-friendly bookshelves under the program "Recycling for Kids" are also in the framework of “Green Meeting” initiative. After the meeting, paper waste and decorative materials will be reevaluated into bookshelves for children's books that are aesthetic, sturdy, and meet consumption needs while decreasing waste, following BCG (Bio-Circular-Green Economy). 

Not only showcasing the commitment on a regional level, SCG in Vietnam has consistently pursued the ESG principles in all of its operations. The company also works closely with the government of Vietnam on promoting the Circular Economy. Lately, SCG collaborated with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to organize the Kick-off Conference to develop the Vietnam National Action Plan toward Circular Economy” on June 28, 2022 which received a lot of attention and support from the local community.

Van Luong – Vietnam Business Forum