Ha Nam Hi-Tech Park: Strong Drive of Local Economic and Social Development

10:56:40 AM | 2/16/2023

The inclusion of Ha Nam Hi-Tech Park into the Master Plan for High-Tech Park Development to 2020, with a vision to 2030, is considered an opportunity for Ha Nam province to utilize its advantages and create an ideal environment for domestic and international high-tech investors; and unlock and utilize resources for local and national socioeconomic development.

Located at the southern gateway of Hanoi, Ha Nam province has a diversified transportation system consisting of roads (including National Highway 1A, Phap Van-Cau Gie Expressway, Cau Gie-Ninh Binh Highway, other national highways and provincial roads), North-South Railway and riverway transport system. This is a favorable condition for the province to exchange economic, cultural, and scientific-technical ties with other provinces and cities in the region and in the country, especially the northern key economic region; and develop industrial-urban services, hi-tech parks, supporting industries, logistics and trade. Ha Nam Hi-Tech Park, covering 663.19ha, is expected to be located in Ly Nhan district which has convenient traffic connectivity to high-level research and training facilities in the Red River Delta, especially Hanoi, including Nam Cao University, Ha Nam province.

As scheduled, Ha Nam High-tech Park will be built in two phases. In the near term, the province will establish a steering committee and an executive board of the high-tech park development project; establish a detailed plan for the hi-tech park in Ly Nhan district; develop a plan to support site clearance, prepare a clean land fund and hand it over to the infrastructure investor. The next phase will focus on completing infrastructure construction and building functional facilities; and operate the high-tech park.

Regarding investment form, Ha Nam High-Tech Park is expected to draw private funds for construction. In the infrastructure construction stage, the private fund is expected for site clearance and infrastructure construction while the provincial budget can provide support within its capability. In the operation phase, costs, which consist of recurrent expenditures for State administration of Ha Nam Hi-Tech Park, expenditures for investment support programs and projects in the park, expenditures for communications, investment promotion, market research and investor search, will be sourced from State and private funds. According to this model, the construction and development of Ha Nam Hi-Tech Park will need specific mechanisms and policies of the Government to provide a specific legal corridor for the province to build the expected high-tech park.

Ha Nam High-Tech Park was formed to effectively promote high-tech research, development and application, high-tech incubation, high-tech business incubation; high-tech human resource training; high-tech product manufacturing and trading, and high-tech service delivery to unlock local strengths and attract all available investment resources to turn Ha Nam province into a major center of science, technology, services and trade. In addition, the formation and development of the hi-tech park will create a favorable environment to attract both domestic and foreign high-tech investors, gather intellectuals in the province, in the region and in the world to study, transfer and development high-tech, thus helping Ha Nam increase its ability to receive and master high-tech, generating a driving force for local economic restructuring to develop rapidly, sustainably and modernly.

Location of Ha Nam Hi-Tech Park

Ha Nam Hi-Tech Park is located in Ly Nhan district

To quickly form and develop Ha Nam Hi-Tech Park and complete project procedures, the province is working hard to attract and call potential domestic and international investors and cooperate in infrastructure investment and construction. High-tech fields and priority products are specified in the Prime Minister's Decision 38/QD-TTg dated December 30, 2020. In the first 10 years, the focus will be placed on the following areas: Artificial intelligence technology, electronics-semiconductor technology, biotechnology and medicine, and new material technology.

Ha Nam province is capably ready to build and operate the hi-tech park. Currently, supported by the Central Government, well responded to by the business community and determined by the Party, the government and the people of Ha Nam province, Ha Nam High-Tech Park will soon be established and operated to accelerate industrialization and modernization and serve as a driving force for local socioeconomic development.

By Vietnam Business Forum