Solidifying Prestige of Global Cashew Links Brand

8:10:09 PM | 5/28/2024

Embracing the philosophy of “Collaboration for Shared Growth”, Global Cashew Links Co., Ltd. has, within a span of five years, rapidly ascended to become a distinguished brand. It garners recognition and admiration from businesses and partners in the domestic and international cashew industry.

Mr. Tai Chi Dung, Director of Global Cashew Links, is honored with a trophy and certificate, recognizing the company as one of the Top 10 Leading Brands in Vietnam for the year 2023

Reputable import and export brand

Established in June 2019, Global Cashew Links has carved a niche for itself in the realm of raw cashew nut import, cashew kernel export and goods monitoring. Guided by a leader with over two decades of expertise in the cashew import and export sector, the company is characterized by its expansive strategic vision, keen leadership acumen, and a relentless drive for innovation to stay abreast of market trends. After five years of steadfast growth and development, Global Cashew Links has emerged as a leading entity that not only supplies quality raw materials but also serves as a conduit for domestic and international partners and customers in the cashew import and export industry.

Reflecting on the factors that have contributed to the success of Global Cashew Links, Director Tai Chi Dung emphasized the company’s guiding principle of “Collaboration for Shared Growth”. In its business operations and partner relationships, Global Cashew Links prioritizes credibility above all. Consequently, the company continually strives to enhance not just the quality of its products, but also its services, machinery, equipment and workforce skills. It boasts an experienced management team and adheres to a clean production program in line with the ISO 22000:2018 food safety standards.

Global Cashew Links’ market reach extends beyond domestic borders to encompass numerous countries and territories worldwide. Notably, the company has established partnerships and potential customer bases in China, Ivory Coast, Guinea, Turkey, UAE, Saudi Arabia and the Netherlands, among others.

In 2023, Global Cashew Links attained an import-export turnover of 14,961 tons of cashew nuts, with exports accounting for 246 tons and imports constituting 14,714 tons (including both production and commercial imports). The monetary value of this turnover was US$14.9 million, with exports contributing US$1.4 million and imports making up the remaining US$13.5 million (including both production and commercial imports).

The Binh Phuoc Cashew Processing Factory boasts a production line system operating seamlessly under automated control

Emphasizing processing excellence

Vietnam, blessed with numerous advantages for agricultural development, particularly in the cultivation of nuts including cashews, is a significant source of these nutritionally rich food staples. However, the majority of cashew nuts are exported in their raw form. Many smaller production facilities have yet to adopt high technology in their operations, limiting their ability to add value.

Building on the success of Global Cashew Links, Mr. Tai Chi Dung made the strategic decision to invest in a cashew processing factory in Binh Phuoc province. His vision is to contribute significantly to the goal of Vietnam’s agricultural processing industry, specifically in the development of the cashew processing sector, and to bolster the Vietnamese cashew market in the future.

Its Binh Phuoc cashew processing factory, located in Group 4, Village 7, Thong Nhat commune, Bu Dang district, Binh Phuoc province, spans an area of approximately 5,700 m2. It houses a raw material warehouse, a cutting workshop, continuous production lines, and a drying system, among other facilities. With an investment capital exceeding VND50 billion, the factory is equipped with modern machinery and technology. It commenced operations in 2023 with an annual capacity of 15,000 tons. The cashew products produced meet the stringent quality standards of customers worldwide.

The operation of the factory not only generates employment for 35 local workers but also presents opportunities for farmers to expand and sustainably develop cashew cultivation. The products, sold at premium prices, contribute significantly to the local budget.

Production and business expansion strategy

In discussing the future growth strategy of Global Cashew Links, the company’s Director, Mr. Tai Chi Dung said: “Our focus will remain on development, enhancing our product range, improving quality, and diversifying the origin of goods. This approach is designed to broaden our market reach and foster collaboration with numerous domestic and international partners and customers. We remain committed to delivering high-quality services and products at competitive and reasonable prices, underpinned by a dedicated and professional service ethos.”

Furthermore, Global Cashew Links is collaborating with financially strong foreign partners to advance the investment plan for a second cashew processing factory in Ninh Thuan province. This initiative aims to leverage the company’s existing resources, human capital, and market advantages. The proposed factory, with an investment scale of VND50 billion, is expected to have an annual capacity of 15,000 tons and will feature a modern and synchronized machinery and production technology system. This aligns with Ninh Thuan province’s policy of attracting investment into the processing industry.

Mr. Tai Chi Dung expressed his hopes for the future: “We anticipate that local authorities, departments, and agencies will continue to support us, as well as enact mechanisms and policies that facilitate access to land, streamline investment procedures, and simplify the import and export of goods. Such support will provide businesses with a strong foundation to further develop and expand their production and business activities, thereby making a positive contribution to the socio-economic development of the province.”

By Nguyen Bach, Vietnam Business Forum