LICOGI 18 Asserting Brand, Sustainability

5:58:25 PM | 9/7/2018

To further upholding its brand name in an increasingly competitive trend, Licogi 18 aims to create values for stakeholders, from shareholders and employees to customers, with a high sense of responsibility. With its existing advantages and potential, the company is pursuing sustainable development, business diversification and multi-ownership policies, while concentrating resources and efforts to become a leading member of Licogi Corporation and one of the top construction companies in the civil engineering and transportation industries.

Leading construction brand
Development and Construction Joint Stock Company No. 18 (Licogi 18) was established in 1961 in the name of Uong Bi Architecture Company. After it went public in 2006, it changed to the current name. Presently, Licogi 18 is operated as a holding company, with seven member companies (one subsidiary and six one-member limited liability companies), which are primarily engaged in civil and industrial engineering, hydropower and thermal power development.

Construction has been a traditional core business of the company and a strength that makes the brand name of Licogi 18, especially in construction of important works that require progress and sophistication such as thermal and hydropower plants and port wharfs. Licogi 18 has involved in a series of important projects of the country such as A Vuong Hydropower Plant, Son La Hydropower Plant, Bac Ha Hydropower Plant (EPC contractor), and Huong Dien Hydropower Plant (energy EPC contractor). In addition to actively allocating human resources, materials and equipment for guaranteed progress and quality required by investors, Licogi 18 continues to attend and win bids of many significant socioeconomic projects such as Yen Thang Lake Golf Course, 9-storey Apartment Building of Duong Huy Coal Company, Han Bridge in Hai Duong province, and Ta Ban Bridge in Thanh Hoa province.

After nearly 60 years of construction and development, Licogi 18 has been honourably named Hero of the People's Armed Forces and Labour Hero in the Doi Moi Period, as well as awarded various titles and medals by the Party and the State. Without doubt, the company has asserted its brand name, tradition and prestige in the construction industry in Vietnam.

Breakthroughs in new businesses
Coupling growth with harmony and sustainability is the goal that Licogi 18 has pursued. Therefore, in addition to its strengths in traditional business fields, the company’s leadership is shrewd to grasp market conditions, study and expand into new business fields ahead of integration trends to affirm its voice and name and win the trust of customers and partners. To date, Licogi 18 has secured a new position and strength, caught up with the country’s strong economic development and asserted its brand position in the construction industry. At present, the company is carrying out large-scale real estate projects such as Thinh Liet New Urban Area, Son Dong New Urban Area and affordable houses for workers and low-income earners.

Mr Dang Van Giang, President and General Director of Licogi 18, said, to have those breakthroughs, Licogi 18 defines human resources as always decisive to all successes. For that reason, not only does the company offer close care and direction, but also has specific plans to attract talented people to work for the company and actively provide in-house professional training for employees. After nearly 60 years of construction and development, Licogi 18 is staffed by a strong contingent of well-trained, daring and experienced engineers and workers.

Moreover, Licogi 18 actively takes part in charitable activities and public interests, fosters Vietnamese heroic mothers, and takes care of families with war invalids and martyrs.

In addition to many projects in Hai Duong province, Licogi 18 is now investing in the affordable housing project for workers and low-income people Hai Duong City and engaging in Bac Cau Han New Urban Area in Hai Duong province.

Duy Anh