Reed Tradex Vietnam Supporting Vietnamese Businesses to Join Global Supply Chains

10:22:18 AM | 26/8/2019

After more than 12 years of operation in Vietnam, Reed Tradex, Southeast Asia's leading exhibition organizer, has confidently affirmed its position and brand in the domestic market, becoming an effective bridge linking manufacturers with distributors and buyers with exhibitors. Vietnam Business Forum has a short interview with Mr. Vu Trong Tai, General Director of Reed Tradex Vietnam LLC, on this success.

Could you please tell us more about outstanding achievements of Reed Tradex Vietnam over the past 12 years?

Reed Tradex Vietnam is affiliated to Reed Exhibitions - an exhibition branch of UK-based RELX Group. In the world, Reed Exhibitions has hosted more than 500 exhibitions in over 30 countries.

In Vietnam alone, we currently have three main exhibitions: Vietnam Manufacturing Expo - a leading machinery and technology exhibition for manufacturing and supporting industries; NEPCON Vietnam - An international exhibition on SMT, testing technologies, equipment and supporting industries for electronics manufacturing; and METALEX Vietnam - An international exhibition on machine tools and metalworking solutions. All three exhibitions have brought together world-leading names in manufacturing and electronics, illustrated by pavilions from Japan, Taiwan (China), South Korea, China and others.

Besides, we speed up business connectivity to bring potential buyers to exhibitors. This strength makes our exhibitions stand out from the rest. For example, METALEX Vietnam 2018 - the event that gathered 500 international brands from 25 countries and territories to highlight machine tools and metalworking solutions from seven international booths from India, Taiwan (China), Germany, South Korea, Japan, Singapore and China; 18,848 domestic and international industrialists from 45 countries; 202 key buyers from 102 companies, and 453 successful business connections.

METALEX Vietnam 2019 is considered a ‘golden’ opportunity for Vietnamese manufacturers to approach the world's advanced technology and catch up with the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Would you tell us more about this leading international exhibition of machine tools and metalworking solutions?

Reed Tradex Vietnam would like to introduce a new exhibition attached to METALEX Vietnam 2019, called Welding Vietnam 2019 - The only international exhibition in Vietnam on welding technology, equipment and materials. The event promises to be a comprehensive platform for Vietnamese and foreign industrialists to explore the most advanced welding technologies and solutions, thereby helping the welding industry in general and welding plants in particular to adapt to the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

For its part, METALEX Vietnam 2019 is scheduled to take place from October 10 - 12, 2019 at the Saigon Exhibition & Convention Center. This will bring together international booths from Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Thailand, China, India and Taiwan (China). This year, our exhibition scale will be also expanded by about 20%. With the theme ‘Mechanical processing industry grows with outstanding advances’, METALEX Vietnam 2019 highlights models and applications of smart factories. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore and experience advanced smart factory technologies from companies promoting automation and robotics such as ABB, Mitutoyo Vietnam, Mitsubishi (at the booth of Unify), Hexagon and Yuasa. Besides, we will have useful forums right at the exhibition as well as attractive competitions for local and international producers.

From the perspective of an enterprise that has organized dozens of sector-specific exhibitions in Vietnam associated with the Industrial Revolution 4.0, could you please tell us about your views on Smart Factory?

At the heart of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, Smart Factory plays an important role in the future of the manufacturing industry to address the need to improve product quality, reduce labor costs and operating costs. Specifically, advanced digitalized smart factories will enhance production capacity and reduce costs in many different activities. Outstanding technologies must include such as internet of things (IoT), artificial intelligence (AI), Big Data and analysis in smart factories. Some planning and management software can even detect potential errors and alert operators to avoid losses. Thanks to performance benefits generated by automation and artificial intelligence, smart factory is strongly applied in manufacturing, mechanical processing, automotive and manufacturing industries.

Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory will impact the machine tool market in many different ways. First, planned maintenance stands before the opportunity to transform strongly through Big Data patterns and algorithms and promote more persistent operations Second, they make energy saving and operations more efficient: Incoming data are collected by sensors, IoT platforms can be used to inform performance better, smart watches can be used to show efficient energy flow management, or devices can be automated or supplied with adequate energy to reduce environmental impacts. Third, the measurement technology is automated to improve accuracy, minimize errors and ensure quality inspection to a maximum. Fourth, communication devices between operators and machines are improved and most workers will work with alongside robots and machines, often called cobots. Fifth, new machining centers will be born.

What is your strategy to grow further and make stronger progressive steps in Vietnam?

Today, Reed Tradex Vietnam’s exhibitions focus on introducing latest technologies supporting the Industrial Revolution 4.0. We always wish to act as a bridge linking manufacturers with distributors and sellers with buyers, focusing on small and medium enterprises. For that purpose, Reed Tradex Vietnam will launch two completely new exhibitions. In addition to the existing exhibitions, we strive to understand and research the market to find the most optimal solutions for industries and help Vietnamese enterprises join global supply chain more effectively.

Thank you very much!