The “Carton collecting Competition” Helps to Double the Cartons Collected

6:23:23 PM | 5/1/2021

The seperation of used cartons for recycling at Hanoi’s schools and households are demonstrating positive impacts. Only in the two last months of 2020, the number of used cartons collected has been twice as many as of the  previous two months, approaching 125 tons. This very result is achieved partially thanks to the “Carton collecting competition” that has been launched in November 2020 with the aim of encouraging nearly 1 million primary school students and parents to separate their school and household waste.

The “Carton collecting competition” was launched in early November 2020 by Tetra Pak, in collaboration with Hanoi Department of Environment & Natural Resources, Department of Education & Training as part of the School Recycling Programme implemented by Tetra Pak in Hanoi for the past 2 years.

A large number of students at  primary schools and kindergartens in Hanoi  participate in the “Carton collecting competition” organized by Tetra Pak.

In particular, the “Top Carton Collector” contest outstands in terms of the number of participating schools. Top schools in the five groups (based on the total number of their pupils to ensure schools of the same scale will be in the same group), on average, collect from approximately 200 kg to more than 780 kg of cartons. Some of top collectors include Kim Chung, Tan Mai, Ngoc Hoa primary schools, and Son Ca, Thinh Liet, Hoa My kindergartens, etc.

In addition, the other two contests including “Most clean & tidy UBC Corner” for schools that are the most creative in folding & stacking cartons to optimize space as well as keeping their used beverage carton (UBC) corner tidy and clean to ensure hygiene for collection and the contest of “Most inspirational speaker” for primary students to speak about the importance of segregating waste at home and school also capture school children’s interest.

The contest "Most clean & tidy UBC Corner" encourages schools to arrange used cartons neatly for convinient collection.

100% of used cartons collected from the competiton will be transported to Dong Tien Package and Paper Factory for recycling into other useful products such as eco-roofing, notebooks, paper bags, etc. Competiton winners are presented automatic water purifiers as prizes by Tetra Pak.

In less than 2 months of implementation, the contest has collected 125 tons of used cartons

The competiton is a part of the School Recycling Programme in Hanoi and lasts until the end of January 2021. Details of the contest can be found at www.

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