Vietnergy Keeps Good Business in Pandemic Time

8:14:00 AM | 9/22/2021

Right after the Covid-19 pandemic complicatedly spread across the country and Hanoi started to apply mobility restrictions and social distancing, Vietnergy Co., Ltd made efforts to adopt the “three on the spot” business model to continue its operations around the clock, effectively prevent the contagion and guarantee incomes for employees.

Vietnergy, a member of Kenmec Group, is a Taiwanese-invested manufacturer of solar cells, located in Thach That - Quoc Oai Industrial Park, Quoc Oai District, Hanoi. The company has about 530 employees and currently exports all its products to many countries, mainly the United States.

To ensure epidemic prevention requirements at its factories in the context of prolonged contagion, Vietnergy decided to adopt the "three on the spot” measure.

A member of the Company’s Trade Union shared the experience: “After applying the ‘three on the spot’ measure, the Trade Union worked out implementation plans and methods. The company provides finance, monitors the implementation and checks obedience. We found that when employees are primarily responsible for epidemic prevention, the outcome will be better than the company leadership is.

To comfort all employees, we are applying several principles: (1) Air conditioning is on; (2) Men and women live separately; and (3) No interaction between day shift workers and night shift workers.

The company also purchased more necessities, arranged reasonable accommodations, ensured the daily life and health for all employees and provided free meals and accommodations partitioned by separators. Every evening, the Trade Union assigns the staff to take attendance, check the environment, remind order and safety and keep a clean environment. Currently, Vietnergy has done the “three on the spot” business model well for more than a month.

Speaking of difficulties that the company faced when the Covid-19 epidemic spread strongly in Vietnam and in the world, Mr. Lighter Chen, General Director of Vietnergy, said, "Like other companies, the epidemic has resulted in an increase in operating costs, even supply disruptions, which has seriously impacted on input supply, machinery installation and maintenance progress.

Learning from Taiwan’s successful experience in the fight against the epidemic and basing on the company’s reality of preventing the epidemic and keeping business operations, Mr. Lighter Chen shared, “The virus is evolving very quickly. It is really difficult to prevent it and the Government also needs to make great efforts to have enough vaccines. I think that, to successfully contain the epidemic, we must respect specialists, trust scientific evidence, timely adjust strategies, and at the same time, refer to foreign situations and experiences to have more effective outcomes. The more we exchange with people, the more we will understand them and reduce misinformation. In a company, the leadership needs to be more flexible than usual to bring comfort and care to employees every day.”

Despite being faced with numerous difficulties and challenges, with high resolution and bright initiatives of the leadership and the staff, Vietnergy is always confident that it will maintain effective business operations and work with Hanoi City to overcome the pandemic.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum