An Hao Ecotourism Area Lights Up to Welcome New Year

10:37:09 AM | 1/20/2022

An Hao Ecotourism Area, located in An Hao commune, Tinh Bien district, An Giang province, excitedly welcomed more than 5,000 tourists in the first days of this new year. The wind farm, full of green energy, full of vitality with many unique check-in corners, is much loved by tourists who are coming to take pictures.

Not only self-organized young people and families, some travel businesses from Ho Chi Minh City, Can Tho City and neighboring provinces are organizing tours for dozens, even hundreds of visitors each trip to the grassland.

The aerial view of An Hao Ecotourism Area

Spring colors on the green power prairieland

The tourist site opens to welcome tourists from early in the morning to enjoy the flower beauty and enjoy the spring beauty of the natural landscape.

If Hanoi is famous for peach blossoms in the springtime, the spring beauty in the South is decorated with apricot flowers. An Hao Ecotourism Area is beautified by thousands of blossoming pin flowers. Pin flowers appear with pure beauty and strong vitality, stretching to the foot of mountains like awakening the spring.

An Hao Ecotourism Area is very attractive to sightseers

The Year of the Tiger is coming. Flowering periwinkles, chrysanthemums, bougainvillea and heather are blooming all over the tourist site, added more nuances to the colorful picture.

Colors on Thien Canh Lake

Spring comes early in Sunshining Flower Paradise

Sunflowers shine brightly on the That Son Mountain Range, creating a magical beauty in the eyes of guests from afar. Investors are busy with upgrading their more charming projects with the desire to bring the food for thought to visitors and add more "tastes" to the warmer and more bustling Tet.

Visitors are playing joyfully with super cute sheep

Mr. Chau Hoang Minh, Director of An Hao Ecotourism Area, said: We continue to invest a lot of money to decorate the landscape and provide new services; urgently complete roads and bridges to connect the site to the legendary "Buddha Thach Thu" heritage before the 20th day of the last month of the lunar calendar. The fossilized Buddha's hand is considered a "masterpiece of spiritual creation in a sacred place". Featured with a height of nearly 30m, a majestic appearance of a luck-giving hand, the Buddha looks like bestowing blessings to all sentient beings.

Going along the mountain, you will be enchanted by the majestic natural scenery carved into the high, magnificent That Son Mountain and the vast blue sky. You will also have a good time for meditation and worshipping, discover the source of spiritual culture, and shake off all worries to start a new year gently and full of energy.

Visitors check in with pinwheel flowers

Furthered beautified with the beauty of sunlight, the company is also very delicate when it decorates many amazing virtual living miniatures deeply imbued with traditional Tet flavors such as Welcome Gate to the Year of the Tiger with a broad "two happy tigers living together" image, a New Year symbol full of vitality and prosperity; green Chung cake, fortune trees with thousands of lucky money bags for visitors to wish for a new year of peace; pinwheels with all eye-catching colors decorated with lanterns and red couplets to create a unique and attractive space as a wish of wealth and auspiciousness for all visitors.

Traveling in the springtime in this tourist site, you will also have a chance to access the distinctive culinary culture of the Bay Nui region and traditional Khmer dishes such as O Thum burning chicken, pancakes with wild vegetables, stabbed papaya and jaggery juice. In particular, you are also given free mineral water for buying entrance tickets.

Enjoying a variety of cuisines

The capital of light covers An Hao Ecotourism Area with brilliant beauty ahead of the New Year. If you try once to immerse yourselves in the Sunshining Flower Paradise to experience each new road, admire the landscape, enjoy the cozy and unique taste of the national New Year in the space of harmony between heaven and earth of Bay Noi Mountain.

By Cat Tuong, Vietnam Business Forum