Natural Vitamins for Safe and Enjoyable Tet

9:03:24 AM | 2/8/2022

Spring has come!

It’s time to put on your backpacks and embark on a springtime journey to nature. The journey not only helps you enjoy a meaningful time with your loved ones but also avoids exposure to the spreading coronavirus epidemic.

An Hao Ecotourism Area inside the Sao Mai Solar Farm in Tinh Bien district is a trendy and right destination as it meets strict criteria for a safe Tet holiday.

Tourists flock to the tourist site in the early spring

An ideal destination for a blissful new year

Covering 275 ha, charmingly landscaped An Hao Ecotourism Area is situated in the cluster of “green” tourist attractions. This is the perfect combination of the natural ecosystem of Bay Nui Area, intersected with modern solar power farms that generate an endless source of green energy.

Coming here, you will fully enjoy the fresh air, let your souls wander in the vast green nature.

Natural vitamins for Tet

The peaceful beauty will inspire you to live a green, slow and safe life with magical intersecting moments of heaven and earth in the frontier region in the early spring days. That immense and clear space will be a pure natural vitamin for each visitor during Tet.

You will dispel all your boredom when you are away from home to avoid the epidemic, divest yourself of smartphones or televisions. Coming here, you will be free to check in and feel the sweetness of every moment of spring. Each branch of flower, each blade of grass or each piece of stone will become a “specialty” to please even the pickiest people.

A rainbow check-in corner

The flowerily stretched “solar panel” steppe is very attractive to tourists far and wide to the majestic That Son Mountain. Famous wonders such as Giant Buddha, Mountain God Temple, Linh Thuu Peak and many caves defy every footstep.

Enjoy distinctive cuisines in Bay Nui Mountain

A tumultuous year, caused by the Covid-19 epidemic, elapsed. Spring has come with efforts to overcome the pandemic safely.

With the desire to comfort visitors on their discovery journey, An Hao Ecotourism Area has erected “three safety shields”: Safe disinfection and well-prepared protective equipment. Vehicles are cleaned and disinfected before and after any trip.

Stepping into spring

Let's experience a true Tet holiday in a unique tourist site, open your arms to welcome the sunlight of the rising morning sun to recharge yourself with positive energy for the new journey ahead.

 By Cat Tuong, Vietnam Business Forum