Opening the Door for Safe Travel

9:35:48 AM | 3/21/2022

Recently, the leading British travel magazine Wanderlust selected Vietnam as one of the 20 most appropriate destinations for March, with such suggestions as long-day traveling, wildlife discovery, festivals and flower seasons. An optimistic signal is international tourists are satisfied with service quality and always believe in Vietnam’s epidemic prevention measures to ensure the safety of international visitors.

This is also an apposite suggestion when Vietnam fully opens to international tourists from March 15.

The most crowded emerging tourist site in An Giang province

Ready to seize the opportunity

March features a mild climate, stable temperature, and little rain, enabling visitors to enjoy comfortable trekking and cycling to explore beautiful natural routes in An Giang province. International tourists are also specially interested in cultural and historical discovery tours to reconnoiter the distinctive identity of mountainous residents.

Ba Chua Xu Temple Festival of Sam Mountain also falls on this special time and it portrays the royal spirituality that attracts millions of visitors to the pilgrim and worships the power and spirituality of Ba Chua Xu, praying for “All pleads are met, all endowments are given, all dreams are told; Siam (Thailand) people are frightened, Qing (China) people adore, and all are beyond imagination.” During the festival, visitors will be immersed in the lively and bustling atmosphere of cultural activities, art performances, palanquin procession and lion dances.

Tourists come to offer incense at Ba Chua Xu Temple on Sam Mountain

The festival lasts four days, from the 22nd day to the 27th day of the fourth lunar month but visitors often come earlier to visit some other near tourist attractions. Therefore, An Giang Tourism Joint Stock Company has upgraded its accommodation facilities, launched attractive service packages, and prepared resources for the most attentive service. In addition, the company has closely coordinated, strictly followed directions of the Provincial People's Committee, and prepared to welcome busy waves of tourist arrivals.

Busy tourist season

The company designed spirituality tours that connect with other attractive attractions such as Tra Su Melaleuca Forest, Tuc Dup Hill Tourist Area, Cam Mountain and unmissable magical An Hao Solar Park and Tourist Area. This is high-tech renewable energy, softened by the most unique and fancy artistic designs of the Southwest.

Visitors will perceive the “sunshine” of great stature, taming the very hot sunlight that burns the grass and moors. The very faculty of the tourism investor paints a colorful picture on the background of a majestic natural landscape that adorns quiet but beautiful and shining features. Coming here, visitors can easily find the pulse of modernity, a hint of trendy youth, a fresh breeze in all the new environmentally friendly green experiences. They can stroll around Thien Canh Lake, watch fish swimming in the water, explore charming Sheep Hill, entertain the extremely photogenic poetic flowery park, and take a panoramic view of Sao Mai Aquarium.

This is a magnificent picture that is thought to only be seen in historical movies

Fortunately, the typical living style of the southern Khmer people is also preserved and promoted, particularly food. The gorgeous scenery of four seasons is added delicious dishes to soften the hearts and minds of travel enthusiasts.

And if they like immersing themselves in the green nature and living freely in the wild world, Tra Su Melaleuca Forest is a great choice. It is featured with flooded woods, rolling water hyacinths that carpet the alluvial water and grow vigorously to weave an endless green to catch the sunlight. Resting in the flow of unspoiled nature, listening to the sound of singing birds, murmuring water and forest music, they will feel like being lost in a vivid nature.

Both international tourists and domestic tourists have a strong passion for nature and eagerly swoop into Mother Nature to be hugged and caressed. Where all emotions are cherished to enjoy the pure and fresh air and feel a strange sense of mind.

The heart for nature is thrilled before the scenic beauty of Tra Su

Leisurely strolling along the “floating road”, gently gliding on the carpet of duckweeds to take visitors to explore place by place as beautiful as cinematic footage to create an unforgettable impression on visitors. Looking up, towering Melaleuca trees lean down with giant “arms” to form a unique “roof” to shade like a deliberate arrangement of nature.

Later in the day, the scenery is more peaceful and romantic with a bright rosy golden color that covers the entire universe. White clouds slowly drift and flying birds sing throughout the afternoon wind like beautiful music signaling the spectacular day-farewell performance. Perhaps, the most enjoyable feeling is the adventuring experience on the longest bamboo bridge through the forest in Vietnam where travelers can enjoy wandering the poetic landscape and comfortably take check-in pictures with different irresistibly beautiful angles.

Tra Su is charming and poetic in the sunset

If domestic tourism is a lifeline, reopening the market for international tourists will revive the hospitality industry. Utilizing advantages of resumed international flight routes and high vaccination rate ranked 6th in the world, Vietnamese tourism businesses are likely to seize a golden opportunity to regain momentum for sustained recovery and sustainable development.

By Lan Anh, Vietnam Business Forum