Tuc Dup Hill - Immortal Stronghold

11:24:45 AM | 3/30/2022

Tuc Dup Hill is a harmonious blend of delicate and majestic beauty gently enchants all visitors to stay in paradise on earth. The old wartime base carries historical traits and established values and it is now creatively added with new convenient utilities to meet tourists’ high-class tastes by the investor.

Riding "Phoenix" to explore the fairyland

Confidently trusted

The traces of time made the whole picture of Tuc Dup Hill dreary and forsaken for a long time. Then, the government of An Giang province advocated encouraging capable investors to invest and tap this potential and Tuc Dup Hill was confidently entrusted to Sao Mai Group.

The group undertook the mission of spreading history and writing a golden page of history for the triumphal song that was sung again on the tourism development front. The investor “boldly” invested more than VND200 billion to restore and embellish important artefacts in the “immortal fortress”. The groundbreaking ceremony in October 2019 was a brilliant milestone that marked a new impulse to change the fate of tourism at that time and this was well received and supported by That Son people. The intrinsic strength of national tradition and identity laid the “foundation” for the new elevation but the natural vista of Tuc Dup Hill was retained.

Future generations bow to pay tribute to heroic martyrs

The great restoration of Tuc Dup Monument was approved by the Department of Construction - An Giang Provincial People's Committee in the “Construction Certificate No: 25/GPXD” [1] in June 2018. The spiritual work carries cultural and historical significance, respectfully worships the soul of heroic martyrs. Patriotism and gratitude are enlightened to express the gratitude to brave and courageous soldiers who died for the Fatherland.

Thus far, the “literature tells morality” thinking always exists, expressing beautiful words, conveying the message of philosophy of life, directing people to touch what is true, good and beautiful. It is true that literature is also an instrument to reflect reality but it must be objectively "right and fine".

In contrast, if writers their pen to “embroider” baseless things, sometimes make hasty judgments, with a personal sentiment to spoil spiritual works that worship heroes, then they will be very sinful to martyrs’ souls.

Tourists are transforming into resilient young volunteers

Law on Cultural Heritage "does not prohibit" maintaining and embellishing relics

Tuc Dup Hill is a unique "wonder of military art" of Vietnam, expressing the steadfast and indomitable will of the people here. Each restored item on this sacred hill is inherited in many ways of honoring the immortal symbol of revolutionary heroism.

According to Article 4, Clause 13 of the Law on Cultural Heritage, relic maintenance and embellishment is not prohibited. "Restoration of historical and cultural relics and scenic spots is an activity aimed at restoring destroyed historical and cultural heritage sites and scenic spots, based on scientific data on such historical and cultural relics and scenic spots." In particular, it is notable to reproduce military art with outstanding creations based on natural conditions to trap enemies and neutralize the most advanced weaponry to defeat them.

With a macro vision, sustainable tourism cannot erode historical values over time. To comply with the spirit of the Law on Heritage, typically Article 4, Article 12 "Restoring historical and cultural relics and scenic spots is an activity aimed at repairing, reinforcing and embellishing historical and cultural relics and scenic spots" to vividly portray legacies to reawaken the once glorious time. Therefore, there is ambiguity about the concept of "legacy" and "debris" or perhaps there is an unfair one-sided perspective of life that leads to gaps in style.

The historic hill effectively serves education

Yen Phuong with her family from Can Tho City said, "We can bring children with us to experience and discover the mysterious beauty of Tuc Dup Hill. It will be a big regret if we cannot enter the caves here. Previously, I was afraid that our children would be curious and playful and their actions might result in hurtful falls. Now I feel more confident because the trail has been paved with flatter stones in some places where visitors can contemplate the strongly-growing moss carpet in the rainy season. Thus, there's no need to be afraid anymore." For that reason, maintaining and constructing additional items is something that the investor is responsible to do to protect and promote the legacy without harming the surrounding environment.

To develop multidimensional experiences for the trip, from the young to the old, with absolute safety and convenience in mobility, the company added protective railings, handrails and stairsteps in steep positions for visitors to conquer the cave system. In addition, strengthening an iron-concrete supporter under the bamboo stall will make visitors safe during peak times. Students are extremely interested in Tuc Dup hill legends and they often flock to sit thickly together here to learn more about their ancestors.

Giant "stone egg tray" - a masterpiece bestowed by nature

Tuc Dup Hill is now both a distinctive cultural, historical and spiritual site that contains a lasting aura of the nation and a famous tourist area that pleases tourists from all over the world. That's why, Tuc Dup today with its spectacular look and a busier atmosphere at weekends attracts thousands of visitors every day.

By Lan Anh, Vietnam Business Forum