MIF - Total Landing in Japanese Manpower Market

9:42:43 AM | 5/24/2022

On the first recent visit to Vietnam by Japanese Prime Minister Kishida Fumio, the two sides agreed to jointly organize celebratory events to mark the 50th founding anniversary of Vietnam - Japan diplomatic relations in 2023 to justify the "unlimited" cooperation in many aspects such as economics, digital transformation, cultural exchange and tourism.

The Japanese Government expressed its satisfaction and appreciation for the quality of Vietnamese human resources exported to Japan but also asked relevant units to give a boost to this supply chain. The manpower export road is a stepping stone for Vietnamese youth to jot down the vision of their career future and compete in the international labor market.

MIF trainees, sent to Japan in 2019, are relaxing on holidays after workdays.

Why is Japan "extremely attractive" for workers?

Vietnam and Japan established diplomatic relations on September 21, 1973, based on the extensive strategic partnership for peace and prosperity in Asia. Japan has recently been "extremely attractive" to foreign workers for its appealing treatment policies outstandingly featured by raising the regional base salary by 1-3 yen.

The governments of Japan and Vietnam officially signed a memorandum of understanding on the basic legal framework for s new visa regime called Tokutei ginou. Specified Skilled Worker Visa or “Tokutei Ginou” is a new type of visa for foreign workers, licensed by the Japanese government. When granted this visa, workers will have the opportunity to work for a long term, up to 5 years, in Japan with a higher income than the base wage of Japanese people plus many good treatment policies according to Japanese law.

Trainees are provided with the free short-term nursing professional training course in Japan plus allowances

Resources are well-trained in professional knowledge and soft skills and in the Japanese language by MIF Company to "gently" pass test rounds. Tokutei Ginou Visa requirements for professional qualifications are also higher than normal visas, including two contents: an industry-based skill test and N4 Japanese language test for business and daily life.

  After a prolonged pandemic, the world's third-largest economy is also quite gloomy and lacks workers. Almost every industry needs to recruit foreign workers who can find different jobs suitable for their competence. Therefore, International Media & Finance Corporation (MIF) picked Japan for its total manpower export landing to tap this hugely potential and important market.

MIF trainees - Opportunity to explore Japan

While going to Japan to start their career, many trainees regard this as an opportunity to enjoy and discover new horizons in the beautiful land of Japan that everyone desires to go to. “Being nostalgic in a foreign country” is unavoidable and they always see their colleagues as relatives, live in harmony and strive to work hard. They consider this a step to go faster in the future. They get united to support each other for common success and for none being left behind.

Pham Thi Tuyet Nga, a trainee, said, “This is the third year I work as a nurse in Japan. I am very satisfied with the right path that I have chosen. This is a way to earn VND40 million a month, exclusive of overtime pay, and cultivate practical working experience for my future career when I return home.” These trainees usually have joint weekend excursions to explore the unique beauty of nature, ancient architecture and culinary culture of Japan.

Trainees at a fitness gym

MIF, a supplier of Vietnamese workers for Japan, is experienced enough to catch up with increasing recruitment trends and demands. The company always prepared very well, from enrolment and training to interviews before recruiters, via all “online” channels during the epidemic time. When flights from Vietnam to Japan are resumed, trainees are ready to take a flight to Japan. MIF is excited to learn that six flight routes to Japan will be reopened, with 25-30 flights a week, a representative of Vietnam Airlines said.

Active and creative Vietnamese youth have just landed safely

MIF is very honored to be a strategic partner of many businesses and trade unions in Japan, not just supplying enough "excellent" workers to give a helping hand to bilateral development. The picture of labor export is turning bright, promising to bring high-income jobs and a professional and modern environment. MIF is confidently playing a key role in realizing the plan of sending 90,000 Vietnamese workers to work abroad.

By Lan Anh, Vietnam Business Frum