Unilever Vietnam to Win at Vietnam HR Awards 2022 Thanks to Breakthrough HR Strategies and Digital Transformation

5:34:05 PM | 11/23/2022

Unilever Vietnam wins 6/6 categories at Vietnam HR Awards 2022 – honorably called “Oscar” of the HR industry in Vietnam, including 5 categories for business and 1 category for individual. This also helps Unilever receive the title of Best Winner at this year’s awards season.

These achievements reassert the persistence and outstanding intrinsic strength of Unilever during and post the COVID-19 pandemic, and upholds Unilever Vietnam’s innovative, creative and pioneering spirit in the development and transformation process of human resources for the sustainable development of the business and its employees now and in the future.

A bunch of awards

The Vietnam HR Awards, holding a core mission to enhance the strategy and value of human resources of enterprises in Vietnam, is organized by Talentnet, in collaboration with Labor and Social Newspaper - the mouthpiece of the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs.

This year’s awards with the theme “Paving New Paths” offer 6 completely new, relevant and creative categories in the new normal to bring about influential HR policies, thereby introducing to the business community in Vietnam exemplary and typical human resource strategies for the sustainable development of the organization.

After going through 3 rounds of competition, starting from April 2022 with rigorous evaluation by a jury of 8 leading experts in the field of human resource and corporate management, Unilever Vietnam is excellently placed the champion in all 6 categories, including: Excellence for Employee Wellness; Excellence in Organizational Capability Improvement; Excellence in Organizational Development and Design; Talent Management Strategy; Best HR for Sustainability; Best HR Leader.

The business also becomes this year’s Best Winner. This is the third year in a row that the Unilever Vietnam has achieved this noble title.

Firm commitment, strong action

Facing the ever-changing world context, digital transformation, both in terms of technical infrastructure and organizational structure and people skills, is a huge challenge for every business, which has become even more challenging with the impact of the COVID-19. Therefore, Unilever Vietnam has continuously committed and taken action to implement practical and innovative HR initiatives during and post the pandemic, continuing to raise current standards and set new ones in many areas to pave the way for future success through people, one of Unilever’s two most valuable assets.

Employee Wellness has always been focused on through integrated and impactful approaches to take an overall care of employees’ wellness, including physical, mental and emotional health, to financial health, and purposes in life.

Specifically, Unilever Vietnam has initiated programs to guide and inspire employees about purposes in life, a healthy lifestyle of mind-body-spirit; set up and implemented Agile ways of working before COVID-19 and quickly moved operations online when the pandemic broke out. The company has also implemented a support program, a health hotline and an internal volunteer network to take care of the health and safety of employees, their families and all partners in the value chain during and post epidemic. Besides, Unilever also maintains special employee benefits such as extended health insurance, retirement program, emergency assistance, etc. along with useful activities to help employees stay attached to the company and cope with stress and challenges at work and in life.

Organizational Capability Improvement, and Talent Management Strategy in a digital transformation-oriented approach to lead the future have been implemented and promoted by Unilever Vietnam since 2019. Along with restructuring the company, focusing on digital transformation to increase business efficiency and growth, the company has launched the spirit of “lifetime learning”, digital thinking to foster innovation and creativity. Especially, the company has designed training programs and activities to update knowledge about information technology, automation, digitization, data and analysis, category development, e-commerce, etc. for different groups of audience and encourage employees to adopt and take initiatives. Thanks to this, employees are equipped with knowledge to develop themselves and feel excited and confident to step into the future ahead.

Organizational Development and Design – The HR Department has been transforming its main activities from fixed to flexible and agile method. For example, planning and creating resources for businesses with diverse, cost-effective and effective human resource solutions, deploying work from home, creating favorable conditions for employees to flexibly work, develop themselves according to their own needs, empower the management team to perform employee management and evaluation, put technology into HR activities to enhance employee experience, etc. The HR Department has regularly updated and promptly caught up with changing external trends to offer pioneering solutions to help the business and employees develop.

HR for Sustainability is Unilever Vietnam’s strategy, integrated in its human development roadmap to create opportunities for all employees to participate in realizing the corporate mission “make sustainable living commonplace”. The HR Department plays an important role in raising employee awareness and calling for action on sustainable development, connecting employee engagement activities with sustainability programs to create greater impact. Specifically, during the Company Community Days, employees and their families can participate in sustainable activities of brands, such as planting trees with OMO, cleaning school toilets with Vim, washing hands to prevent COVID-19 with Lifebuoy, or cooking healthy meals for kids with Knorr.

Best HR Leader is a special recognition given to Ms. Trinh Mai Phuong, Vice President of Human Resources at Unilever Vietnam for her outstanding contributions to the development of the company, Unilever's HR Department and the HR industry in Vietnam at. During the past 4 years, she has accompanied the company to start digital transformation, build capacity for the future, and increase employee engagement. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she was an important member of Unilever Vietnam’s Pandemic Prevention Committee, always providing timely human resource solutions to help the company maintain production, while ensuring the employees’ safety. She is also a worth-following example in “lifelong learning”, always urging herself and the employees to study to be ready for changes, challenges and opportunities to make progress.

B.H (Vietnam Business Forum)