Dak Lak: Supporting Businesses, Investors to Overcome Difficulties and Develop Sustainably

7:02:16 AM | 2/15/2023

In the past year, Dak Lak province has recovered and achieved many accomplishments in socio-economic development. The province has come up with many solutions to complete the goals and plans set out for 2023 as well as support businesses to overcome difficulties and develop sustainably. To find out more information, our reporter had an interview with Mr. Pham Ngoc Nghi, Chairman of Dak Lak Provincial People's Committee.

Chairman of Dak Lak Provincial People's Committee Pham Ngoc Nghi at a meeting with investors

Could you introduce some remarkable socioeconomic development results of Dak Lak province in 2022?

In the past year, the province revived and achieved positive and comprehensive socioeconomic results in various aspects. Given that the COVID-19 epidemic was controlled, people and businesses adapted to the new normalcy, stabilized their livelihoods, and focused on production and business activities.

Stable agricultural production maintained good growth momentum. Industrial production index rose high on stable operation of industrial processing factories and large-scale wind and solar power projects that started operation, generated commercial electricity, employed local workers and paid taxes to local coffers.

The province paid attention to cultural and social activities, people's healthcare, poverty alleviation and social security. Administrative reform, digital transformation and state land management improved. Political security and social order and safety continued to be strengthened and maintained.

The province achieved all 16 targets, including five better-than-planned targets.

In 2023, the economy is forecast to face more difficulties and challenges. What solutions has Dak Lak province been carrying out?

In order to fulfill yearly goals, sustain socioeconomic development and ensure social security, Dak Lak province will continue to carry out drastic, flexible and consistent tasks and solutions to prevent and control the COVID-19 epidemic. The province will continue to effectively implement central and local support policies for businesses and people; stabilize production and business, ensure social security and people's lives to accelerate socioeconomic recovery and development and achieve a high growth rate in the first quarter of 2023.

In addition, Dak Lak province will continue to strongly change growth models, promote in-depth development of various industries and fields such as high-tech agriculture, deep processing and renewable energy; effectively use local potential and strengths to form key industries and products and ensure sustainable growth. The province will implement consistent solutions to improve the investment and business environment; mobilize, attract and effectively use investment resources for socioeconomic development; invest in synchronous infrastructure development, especially transport, urban, information technology and commerce infrastructure. It will prioritize investment resources for urbanization in Buon Ma Thuot City which will be built into an urban center of the Central Highlands as per Conclusion 67-KL/TW of the Politburo.

Dak Lak is very keen on developing businesses and attracting investors and has reaped positive results. Before difficulties faced by businesses and investors, how has Dak Lak province supported them?

The COVID-19 epidemic has developed complicatedly, affecting all aspects of life and negatively impacted socioeconomic development. Besides, inflation has risen in many countries and regions. Interest hikes and contracted monetary and fiscal policies have posed financial and economic risks and largely hit production and business operations of enterprises and investors.

To support companies to overcome difficulties, the Provincial People's Committee issued many programs, plans and documents regarding implementation of business support tasks and solutions to restore production and business and overcome negative impacts of the COVID-19 epidemic.

With its efforts to control the epidemic and carry out business support policies in a timely manner, local companies achieved good business performance and economic growth remained relatively high. Gross regional domestic product (GRDP) was estimated to grow 8.94% in 2022. However, due to negative effects of the COVID-19 outbreak along with high prices of gasoline and inputs, which resulted in operating costs and product costs, some businesses had to register to temporarily suspend their operations or conclude liquidation.

Given recent economic development, businesses and investors are forecast to still face many difficulties and challenges in the coming time. What solutions will the province adopt?

To support businesses and investors to overcome difficulties and develop sustainably, the Provincial People's Committee determined that it is necessary to carry out key tasks and solutions, with focus on effectively executing central and provincial tasks and solutions on support for companies and business households to restore operations hit by the COVID-19 epidemic.

Dak Lak province will step up implementation of solutions to support people and businesses to use online public services of Level 3 and Level 4; facilitate businesses to carry out administrative procedures; and publicly announce the settlement of administrative procedures to people and businesses. It will continue to effectively enforce the Law on SME Support and other central policies on business development support; speed up digital transformation and innovation. The locality will further assist enterprises to improve their competitiveness, accelerate their active global integration, seize and take advantage of opportunities from free trade agreements that Vietnam has joined and signed.

At the same time, the province will actively grasp and solve difficulties and obstacles for businesses and investors, especially in land, construction, credit, tax and customs. The locality will concentrate on supporting worker training to help them improve capacity and awareness; organize delegations to study experiences, boost trade, connect startup community, match investors and seek markets for products made by startups. Dak Lak will reform and effectively implement the Business Dialogue and Business Coffee Program; enhance the government-business bridging role of the Dak Lak Business Association, Dak Lak Young Entrepreneurs Association and trade associations so that information on the province’s administration and policies will come closer to businesses.

Dak Lak will also promptly resolve difficulties of enterprises; implement the business dialogue model at district levels; strengthen sectoral coordination to enable businesses to access planning documents and investment locations and support investors in site clearance for project implementation.

It will quickly implement socioeconomic development programs and projects, national target programs on new rural development, transport and urban infrastructure construction.

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Source: Vietnam Business Forum