VCCI Sets 12 Key Tasks for 2023

9:15:33 AM | 3/14/2023

The 5th meeting of the VCCI Executive Committee (7th term) announced 12 key tasks the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI) will carry out in 2023.

Delivering a keynote speech to the meeting, VCCI Vice President Vo Tan Thanh said that 2022 was the first year to execute the resolution of the 7th VCCI National Congress (2021 - 2026 term). This was also the year the country started to adapt to the so-called “new normal”.

He said, in the context of advantages and challenges coming together, VCCI has robustly reformed its working contents and operating methods toward high professionalism, efficiency and increased innovation, and successfully accomplished all the tasks in 2022 to create major breakthroughs in various important contents as follows.

1, Successfully organizing a ceremony to announce the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) 2021 and post-PCI support for localities, which received great appreciation and support from local leaders.

2, Launching the Green Index Program; successfully organizing the Vietnam Corporate Sustainability Forum (VCSF) 2022 and honoring the 100 Most Sustainable Companies (CSI) 2022 that matched green development trends and helped realize COP 26 goals.

3, Successfully and excellently leading and coordinating with the Central Economic Commission to implement the review project on the 10-year implementation of Resolution 09 of the Politburo on building and promoting the force of Vietnamese entrepreneurs, finalizing a draft resolution to replace existing Resolution 09 and submit it to the Politburo.

4, Starting the Project on "Promoting the construction of Vietnamese business culture" with outstanding activities like announcing and launching the Six Codes of Business Ethics in Vietnam and opening a scientific seminar on Vietnamese business culture.

5, Fostering regional connectivity with the Vietnam Eastern Highway Economic Corridor Initiative with four provinces/cities of Hung Yen, Hai Duong, Hai Phong and Quang Ninh; publishing the Annual Mekong Delta Economic Report 2022.

6, Gradually innovating support for VCCI members, businesses and trade associations, successfully organizing the Program for Assessing and Awarding Outstanding Vietnamese Entrepreneurs in 2022 with a totally new process and form of organization; developing and implementing the Project on "Strengthening cooperation in building a media environment to support business development".

7, Successfully organizing many important domestic and international trade and investment promotion events, such as the third meeting of the APEC Business Advisory Council (ABAC III) in Quang Ninh (July 2022), celebratory events for the 30th anniversary of Vietnam- Korea diplomatic relations.

8, Building and carrying out activities of 17 Working Group Councils under the VCCI Executive Committee, increasing the participation of members of the Executive Committee in VCCI's activities in particular and business support activities in general.

9, Reforming its operating methods, consolidating the organizational structure, improving the performance of VCCI's activities like appointing two new Deputy general secretaries; building three new pillar regulations of VCCI on working manner, staffing and finance; reviewing functions and tasks of its agencies across the system; training and retraining employees; maintaining effective participation VCCI Think Tank; effectively managing, developing and utilizing resources, mobilizing more social resources.

10, Aligning the leadership, orientation and activities of the Executive Committee with the Charter, completing the full-term work program with the more active participation of members of the Executive Committee; positively improving the direction and administration of the Standing Board to ensure unified organization, effective and flexible administration according to working directions and tasks assigned by the Executive Board; successfully completing the Work Plan in 2022.

Remarking on work results in 2022, VCCI Vice President Vo Tan Thanh said, despite facing numerous difficulties and challenges, under the close leadership and right orientation of the Executive Committee and the close and effective direction and management of the Standing Board, VCCI successfully completed its Work Program in 2022, obtained many outstanding results and made important contributions to the development of the Vietnamese business community and the country's economy. VCCI also strongly reformed its working contents and working methods.

“The management of the Standing Board has been much reformed to make operations of VCCI agencies more professional and work quality significantly better. VCCI paid due attention to the utilization and diversification of resources and achieved positive results. Socialized sources (from businesses and other organizations) accounted for 72.8% of income in 2022. Payrolls significantly increased by nearly 10% from the previous year. VCCI achieved remarkable progress in internal affairs to bring internal governance into order and enhance the performance of the apparatus," he added.

However, he also frankly admitted that, although much change was made and many outstanding results were achieved, the VCCI Executive Committee still had some limitations in operation. Some members of the Committee did not actively spend enough time for VCCI's activities. Activities of working groups were not carried out synchronously. Some tasks of the Work Program 2022 were executed behind schedule (like the Project on Innovation and Improvement of VCCI member quality, carrying out the Project on Eastern Highway Economic Corridor); restructuring and improving underperforming units.

According to VCCI Vice President Vo Tan Thanh, the shortcomings and limitations were because companies faced difficulties in the post-COVID-19 economic recovery and this affected the fund for certain activities, especially activities of self-financed units. Program and plan construction was still passive, resources were not sustainable, especially in the financial aspect. The apparatus of VCCI's specialized agencies confronted difficulties, especially in operational resources. Human resources were limited in both quantity and quality. VCCI put forth 12 key tasks for 2023 as follows:

1, Carrying out the new resolution of the Politburo on building and promoting the force of Vietnamese entrepreneurs in the new context (expected to be issued in the first quarter of 2023).

2, Implementing the Politburo's resolutions on regional socioeconomic development and launching regional and sub-regional economic connection activities.

3, Launching programs to support localities to promote international trade and investment in key destinations.

4, Celebrating the 60th anniversary of VCCI.

5, Reforming VCCI membership development, placing businesses at the heart.

6, Launching the program on building and spreading business ethics and business culture of Vietnam; organizing a contest on composing songs on Vietnamese entrepreneurs.

7, Surveying and assessing the PCI and the Green Index.

8, Organizing the Vietnam Investment Policy Forum 2023.

9, Organizing the program on "Press and businesses advance together for a strong and prosperous Vietnam", connecting the press and the business, inspiring good deeds and eliminating bad deeds.

10, Participating in the APEC Economic Leaders' Week in the United States.

11, Completing and accelerating operations of councils and working groups affiliated to the VCCI Executive Committee.

12, Further reviewing and consolidating the entire apparatus, building up the capacity of VCCI employees; making good use of available resources and socialized resources to keep on operations of VCCI's agencies and complete the Work Plan 2023.

By Giang Tu, Vietnam Business Forum