Building National Insurance Database

12:49:54 PM | 6/9/2019

On October 8, 2018, the Government issued Resolution 125/NQ-CP on the Government-backed Action Program for implementation of Resolution 28-NQ/TW, under which the Vietnam Social Security (VSS) was assigned to compile and submit to the Prime Minister the project on “Accelerating administrative procedure reform, implementing online public services for Level 4 procedures, speeding up construction of national social insurance database, ensuring connectivity and data sharing with relevant national databases”.

The Vietnam Social Security is completing the project, which includes tasks and solutions for applying Level 4 public services and constructing the national insurance database.

Since 2009, the social insurance sector reduced and simplified about 90% of administrative procedures (from 263 to 28) and 60% of time, from 335 hours to 147 hours (according to the World Bank), conducted online more than 90% of transactions with social insurance policyholders, connected with nearly 100% of medical facilities (nearly 13,000 facilities), computerized most of its major fields of operations, and provided Level 3 and Level 4 online public services for 19 out of 28 administrative procedures. Besides, the sector developed professionalized software to build the national insurance database system. Currently, VSS is actively encouraging connectivity, sharing information and data with central and local agencies. With its efforts, VSS secured the second position in the Vietnam ICT Index rankings for a second consecutive year, applied to ministries and ministerial-level governmental agencies that deliver public services. The agency was rated a leader in reforming administrative procedures, applying information technology and building the national social insurance database. According to a VCCI survey in June 2017, 91% of respondents said their problems have been or are being resolved and 87% said settlement time is fast and moderate. According to assessments and rankings by international organizations, Vietnam's business environment in 2018 climbed 13 places over 2016 (with tax payment and social insurance index jumping 36 places).

Priority given to early construction of national insurance database

The Vietnam Social Security targeted to reduce administrative procedures by 25% concerning health and social insurance and insurance payment, record components by at least 20%, criteria by 35.47%, and forms by 20.83%, from 2018. As a result, the time needed for handling insurance administrative procedures will be shortened.

The construction of the national insurance database was deemed necessary by the Prime Minister and should be given priority for early construction to lay the groundwork for developing e-government. This job was assigned to the Vietnam Social Security. In 2019, the sector continued to update codes and identity information of social insurance policyholders, manage premium collection and payment data and policyholder information. On that basis, the Vietnam Social Security proposed necessary legal corridors, interconnecting with other agencies, and provided information and data for central and local agencies and enterprises to build e-government. For people, insurance data covers their health, social and unemployment insurance information. Therefore, they need to keep track of their information to ensure their legal rights. 

The Vietnam Social Security is striving to put into operation a modern, advanced interconnected electronic social insurance database. This promises to bring a new face to the social insurance industry to provide and manage services in a centralized, fast and accurate manner, satisfy people and businesses, and realize the goal of sustainable social security.

These are some solutions to speed up administrative procedure reform, introduce direct public services and build a national insurance database for the Vietnam Social Security.