When Pangasius By-products Become “Gold Mine“ for Processing Industry

1:40:37 PM | 5/25/2022

Not only premium fish fillets are reaching fastidious markets but "secondary" products such as fishmeal, fish fat, fish oil, bones and fish offal are also unbelievably attracting customers. Domestic and foreign markets are "thirst" for these products because they are inputs for very high valued products found in many industries like pharmacy, healthcare, nutrition, animal feed and fertilizer.

Especially given that the price of imported raw materials is currently very high, actively looking for an alternative source from pangasius by-products with a high nutritional value and competitive price is considered a "gold mine” for the processing industry.

Trisedco takes the lead in manufacturing pangasius by-products

Imported input prices soar

Complicated epidemic development and the Russia-Ukraine conflict are seriously causing imported input prices of the processing industry to keep growing up. This development has sent many manufacturers into difficulty.

According to the latest report from the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the Industrial Production Index rose 7.5% year on year in the first four months of 2022. However, in some industries, due to scarcity of raw materials, high prices have restrained output growth.

The increase in raw material prices has produced a significant impact on the development plans of businesses on the recovery trajectory from the pandemic. Even, "big players" are facing this challenge.

According to the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the price of imported biodiesel oil in this reporting period continued to increase from the previous 15-day period. Besides, input prices in other processing industries also soared. Particularly, the price of fishmeal jumped 49% and the price of vegetable oil, shortening and margarine leaped 12 - 17%, causing many food businesses to painfully refuse some customers. Notably, many producers could not make a profit and even incurred losses on rising expenses.

Galloping input prices are sending businesses to difficulty

To resolve input difficulties for the processing industry, the key is to find solutions to reduce imported inputs and actively link domestic input suppliers. If this nuisance can be solved, it will help businesses reduce costs and increase product prices, said the Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Cooling with domestic ingredients

As a leading supplier of new products made from pangasius by-products in Vietnam and in the world, Trisedco soon anticipated and proactively arranged input production for processing industries in a bid to bring completely new added value to consumers, especially in this time of scarcity. Accordingly, Trisedco prioritizes the equal development of four main product categories:

Food: Cooking oil, shortening and margarine from fish fat, used as ingredients in food production, help increase flavors and provide natural nutrition for humans. This is a big step forward in the aquatic industry when pangasius by-products can replace flavorings and synthetic additives that are harmful to human health.

Cooking oil processed from pangasius by-products

Animal feed: Pangasius fishmeal is a very good ingredient for the animal feed industry because it contains many useful nutrients and a source of protein and amino acids that are extremely important in cattle and fowl development.

By-products "save" processing firms

Pharmaceutical: Fish fat is rich in omega 3, 6,9, Vitamins A, E and traces minerals, used as food to protect human health. For example, Ranee omega 3-6-9 fish oil tablets and Collagen + Omega pills help brighten eyes, strengthen the heart, enhance beautiful complexion and prevent inflammatory symptoms. In particular, it helps strengthen the immune system of the body, improve health and repel diseases.

Pangasius by-products are a "gold mine" for the pharmaceutical industry

Microorganic fertilizers: Pangasius by-products (heads and bones), after being crushed within 24 hours of hydrolysis can be used to mix with other nutrients to make organic fertilizers for plants to achieve high yield.

Trisedco products are carefully selected through a closed and tight process, from inspection of inputs to finished product, to make the most optimal products, powered by European technology and administered by quality management system standards such as HACCP and ISO 9001-22000.

With strong aspirations and quick business sense, Trisedco has continuously launched a series of superior products. It helps form an extremely unique source of raw materials for domestic industries, reduce dependence on imported sources, improve product competitiveness and lift up the position of Vietnamese enterprises in global value chains.

Nguyen Khiem (Vietnam Business Forum)