De Heus Vietnam Effort for Sustainable Development, Asserting Leadership in Vietnam

10:28:48 AM | 5/31/2022

De Heus Co., Ltd (De Heus Vietnam) under Dutch Royal De Heus Group, officially present in Vietnam since 2008, produces a wide range of animal feeds with popular brands such as of De Heus, Proconco, Anco, Windmill, Koudijs… for livestock, poultry, ruminants and aqua. De Heus is now a familiar brand name to farmers nationwide.

“Powering progress”

To gain customers’ trust, prior to launching onto the market, each De Heus product goes through a meticulous process of research, testing and assessment conducted by global leading nutritionists of De Heus, meeting industry standards and international standards. Above all, all product lines are developed based on livestock nutritional requirements and are suitable for the climatic conditions and breeding environment of Vietnam.

On May 11, 2022, Mr. Lu Quang Ngoi - Chairman of Vinh Long Provincial People's Committee received Mr. Co de Heus and Mr. Koen de Heus - Global CEOs of De Heus and the Board of Directors of De Heus Vietnam

Constantly consolidating its position, at the end of 2021, De Heus Vietnam acquired 100% of MNS Feed’s business (including 14 feed factories of Masan), including Proconco and Anco brands, thus rising to become a leading feed producer in Vietnam. Currently, De Heus Vietnam has more than 20 production plants and a nationwide depot system.

De Heus Vietnam “power progress” to bring optimal and comprehensive nutritional solutions for livestock and aqua and help Vietnamese farmers achieve the highest economic efficiency. Therefore, in the coming years, the company will launch many projects to create a sustainable livestock ecosystem and provide best services for farmers with large investment plans on R&D, genetics, slaughtering and processing.

Besides, De Heus Vietnam focuses on research and development (R&D) by investing in the most modern research centers for aqua, poultry and swine. Specifically, the company’s international aquaculture research and development center is located in Mang Thit district, Vinh Long province since 2017.

Also in Vinh Long, after the acquisition of MNS Feed, De Heus Vietnam added Anco's feed factory to its factory portfolio and is currently analyzing the plan for upgrading this production facility. These investments support De Heus’ mission to better meet farmers’ requirements and boost cooperation in agricultural development of Vietnam, including the Mekong Delta.

In the Mekong Delta, catfish is currently a key export product, ranking among the biggest exports by value of Vietnam. With its leadership in the pangasius feed market, De Heus Vietnam wants to achieve sustainable development by close cooperation with the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development as well as Vinh Long province to develop a plan for a pangasius genetic project in the coming time.

Furthermore, on May 14, 2022, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Agriterra, a nongovernmental organization, and De Heus Vietnam signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the cooperation on research and development of feed ingredient production areas. This cooperation was based on the material area development planning for the feed industry, driven by new cooperative models, with the aim to increase sourcing of local raw materials such as corn, cassava and rice. The goal is to boost the active, effective and sustainable livestock industry and engage large corporations and prestigious social organizations with expertise, experience and capacity for implementation.

In addition to research, cooperation and production development, De Heus pays particular attention to market expansion. After a strategic "handshake" with Masan, De Heus' farm customers and dealers are present in all 63 provinces and cities nationwide. The combination of knowledge, expertise, experience and strengths of both sides has enabled De Heus to significantly improve formulation and product quality. For example, the Anco product line for piglets has just been launched on the market with a marked quality improvement with a new chocolate flavor.

De Heus Vietnam's output is expected to reach more than 3 million tons by 2022, accounting for 25% of De Heus' total global output. In the face of market volatility, De Heus has always maintained its role as a key player in the value chain to support all customers, from large-scale farms to smallholding farms in rural areas, to enhance their competitiveness. With a nationwide network, De Heus will secure a strong position, and confidently and effectively maintain its strategy.

Commitment to sustainable development

De Heus is always proud to contribute to the global organic food supply chain, including the Vietnamese market. When the COVID-19 epidemic broke out with very adverse impacts, the company worked harder to maintain and promote sustainable development in the countries where it is operating. Accordingly, each De Heus factory and office in other countries are maintaining epidemic prevention measures and strictly following local regulations. These measures have helped De Heus maintain the feed production value chain while ensuring the health and welfare requirements for its employees.

In Vietnam, while applying an effectively integrated epidemic prevention and production solution for factories, farms and warehouses, De Heus Vietnam also cared for employees’ health and morale by safely transporting workers from home to work and investing in sports equipment to boost their health and entertainment needs.

In addition to business development, taking care of employees' lives is always a top priority of De Heus Vietnam's leadership. Endeavoring to build a friendly and safe working environment for employees and gradually improving their incomes and living standards is always a cross-cutting goal of the company, where employee income will be the industry leader by 2025.

De Heus Vietnam also took the lead in applying new initiatives to effectively support employees and their families to overcome difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. This enthusiasm helped De Heus Vietnam beat more than 50 candidate companies to win the Business Resilience Awards from the European Chamber of Commerce in Vietnam (EuroCham).

The award is also clear evidence to reflect De Heus’s ultimate efforts to provide maximum support for all employees and their loved ones: Ensuring jobs and full wages for them, guaranteeing all their benefits, protecting their health, and adapting quickly to the pandemic.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum