Ching Luh Vietnam Promoting Social Responsibility

11:06:34 AM | 5/31/2022

Ching Luh Group operating in footwear manufacturing has been present in Vietnam for 20 years. Ching Luh has invested in two factories, one manufacturing and processing shoe soles and materials related to the footwear industry in Hoa Phu Industrial Park and the other one producing and processing shoes and sandals of all kinds in Binh Minh Industrial Park. During its operation, Ching Luh has always paid attention to environmental protection issues and upheld its social responsibility.

Change is occurring faster today than ever before. Time often leaves things unrecognizable, but in the face of this change, Ching-Luh's 8 Core Values have remained timeless. Honor One Planet is Ching Luh Group's core values ensuring a sustainable business environment for the employees and the community where Ching Luh Group operates.

This attitude is the foundation of the business. All Ching Luh Group staff are committed to respecting safety, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility.

In 2016, Ching Luh Vietnam received the Top 100 Sustainable Business Award in Vietnam, issued by the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), for its continuous contribution to carbon reduction, energy conservation, and environmental protection. Every production stage is monitored for its ecological impact.

Establishing the facility in Hoa Phu and Binh Minh Industrial Park is part of the company's expansion strategy to meet the growing market demand.

Sustainability is one of its core considerations from the start of the planning process. Ching Luh's work continues by working with partners to develop recycled materials and create new markets for its waste to be recycled.

Ching Luh recognizes that the operating environment is changing rapidly and that the past success will not prevent future failure. So Ching Luh continues to drive towards excellence.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum