E-Commerce to Increase Export to the US

2:26:35 PM | 4/1/2011

In recent years, the US has always been No.1 export market for Vietnam. In 2010, though US market accounted for 24 percent of Vietnamese total export value, it amounted only 0.4 percent of the US import. US market continues to be a big market for Vietnamese export, especially through e-commerce.
Speaking at the seminar “Promotion of export to US market by e-commerce” sponsored by Alibaba.com group, OSB company representing Alibaba.com in Vietnam and Vietnam-US Business Forum, Mr Hoang Van Dung, Standing Vice-President of VCCI, said that in recent years, VCCI has increasingly supported businesses in the application of e-commerce in import-export activities. In the conditions of globalization, failing in the application of e-commerce, businesses would isolate them and cannot develop. VCCI considers the application of information technology in general and e-commerce in particular is an important task. Therefore, VCCI has promoted cooperation with several partners to get optimal solutions for businesses and support exports to key markets such as APEC, Africa, Japan and especially US market.
The US is the biggest market in the world applying e-commerce; however, Vietnam failed not approached the market by e-commerce. Mr Timothy Leung, representative of Alibaba.com group said that e-commerce is an important channel to markets of big demand as the US. Developed countries make up over 90 percent of the total value of global e-commerce, with North America and Europe accounting for over 80 percent. B2B (Business to business) is dominating B2C (Business to Customer) in global e-commerce transaction. There is a big gap between developed and developing countries in the application of e-commerce. While countries applying e-commerce have big demand in import, export developing countries are still lagging far behind in e-commerce.                      
In 2011, Vietnamese businesses will face with stringent commercial barriers. Those barriers will some how help Vietnamese businesses to comply with international practice and are opportunities for them to expand export markets. The US is a market of big population and high income. It is a highly diversified and attractive market. Nonetheless, Mr Nguyen Duy Khien, Director General, Department of American market, Ministry of Industry and Trade, believes that it is also a challenge for Vietnamese exporters to compete with so many competitors in this market. Vietnamese businesses must apply e-commerce and upgrade websites to increase their competitiveness.
For his part, Mr Allan Yau, Vietnam market manager, Alibaba.com group, by the end of Quarter IV, 2010, Alibaba.com had 18 million international registered members from 240 countries and territories, including 160,000 members from Vietnam. Membership is 16.3 percent in America, followed by Europe 10.4 percent (excluding UK), India also 10.4 percent. The membership increases on average of 150 percent a year. The US is the biggest market on Alibaba.com and businesses will have optimal opportunity in approaching this market.
Mai Ngoc