Covid-19 Medicine and Equipment Smuggling Cases Handled

9:35:01 AM | 11/19/2021

Customs authorities investigated and arrested many cases of illegally trading and transporting medicines and medical supplies for Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control in the domestic market. Smuggled items were proven not to have a legal origin and clear origin or be licensed by competent authorities. This resulted in potential risks to human health and life and affected the outcome of the Government-led epidemic prevention and control.

Notably, in August and September 2021, the Smuggling Prevention and Investigation Agency coordinated with the Hanoi Customs Department to detect and seize many shipments of quick test kits and medicines for Covid-19 disease treatment, including 1,470 boxes (17 tablets per box), 78,800 tablets, 490 vials (originated from India), 180 Covid test kits (originated from China), and 220 boxes of antiviral drugs (originated from Russia).

By Le Hien, Vietnam Business Forum