Petrolimex Ben Tre:
Constantly Improving the Prestige of Petrolimex

4:07:27 PM | 17/4/2009

Petrolimex Ben Tre is a member of Vietnam National Petroleum Corporation. After thirty years of operation with a determination to grow and improve internal strengths, Petrolimex Ben Tre has step by step proved its capacity as a leader as a state-owned company in Ben Tre province.
It can be said that Petrolimex Ben Tre is one which became aware of building corporate culture and the importance of customer service in order to improve the prestige of Petrolimex brand name at a quite early period. Right from 1998, the company had a programme to build corporate culture in which it paid special attention to establishing a “readiness to serve” attitude and educating its staff according to the motto “take care of customers like we do with our relatives.”
Together with building and improving the image of its brand name, the company has focused on setting up technical infrastructure in order to serve business expansion demand. Currently, with the capacity to store approximately 9,000m3 petrol and oil, and 56 stores, it guarantees sufficient source of goods and product range to serve the continuous business demand under any circumstances.
During the past many years, with a retailing and direct selling strategy, Petrolimex Ben Tre has concentrated on establishing its distribution channel via various forms, such as diversifying its retailing store system by building new ones, renting, buying, co-operating and always having suitable and active policies in order to maintain and develop its retailing system. With the above infrastructure system and distribution channel, the company is capable of delivering goods door-to- door and meeting demand on time. The quick development of the company’s distribution channel not only reflects its application of a new and suitable business model but also carves the image of Petrolimex brand name deeper into Ben Tre consumers’ hearts.
In order to better manage the quality and catch up with development trends, Petrolimex Ben Tre has kept building its quality management system. It has built and maintained application of quality management according to ISO 9001:2000 since 2001. In 2001, it is the first company among petroleum companies in the province to be granted with ISO certificate. During its implementation process, it has kept improving the management system. Therefore, it has won lots of important prizes, including: Gold prize, silver prize and Vietnam quality prize.
Apart from trading petrol and oil, the company also trades many other items, such as gas, gas cooker, asphalt, transportation service, insurance service, and fire prevention and fighting equipment, etc. in order to take full advantage of its technical infrastructure system and raise income for labourers. It always attaches great importance to conserving and developing capital, improving the capacity to use assets, and applying computers in management, etc.
The Board of Directors of Petrolimex Ben Tre reveals that they will continue to make investment in its selling network, implement policies to support its agents, and further diversify its business range. With this orientation, it is sure that the company will always maintain its role as a state-owned enterprise in the petroleum trading area in Ben Tre province.