Phu Tho Provincial Hospital: Friendly Environment for Patients

9:03:42 PM | 8/11/2011

Phu Tho Provincial Hospital was founded in 1968, initially named Hospital for Officials. After 40 years of development, Phu Tho Provincial Hospital has affirmed its position, brand and reputation in the national health system and become a trustworthy address for people in the North West to come for medical examination and treatment.
Fostering staff training and medical ethics practice
Phu Tho Provincial Hospital is located on 2.94 hectares with one 11-storey treatment house meeting Hospital Facilities standards; two 7-storey treatment houses, two 3-storey ones and eight modern surgery facilities. At the moment, the Hospital is implementing construction of the second 11-storey treatment house and the third 7-storey building for clinics, operation house and lecture hall, which are expected to be put into operation by 2012. Hospital facilities include 1,000 beds, 22 departments, rooms equipped with modern diagnosis and treatment equipment. The team of nurses and doctors has 907 members, of whom there are 272 graduates and postgraduates, accounting for 30 percent, 23 specialized level II Ph.D and doctors; 53 specialized level I MSC and doctors.
Sharing with us, Mr Nguyen Huy Ngoc, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee and the Hospital’s Director, said that the Hospital has always paid attention to professional training and medical ethics. For the past years, the Hospital has closely coordinated with leading hospitals and medical universities in the whole country to train specialized staff at levels I, II, MSC, Ph.D, and nursing staff. Especially, the Hospital puts priority to theoretical training linked with practice, which results in the ability to apply knowledge into medical examination and treatment activities after the course. Besides, the Hospital has also boosted science research, education of the 12 codes of ethics to staffs with the motto “Continuously bettering quality of examination and treatment,” as well as strengthened democratic monitoring procedures, frequently listened and collected comments of patients and their relatives to timely tackle negative actions in the hospital.
Applying scientific advances into treatment
At present, to fulfil increasing need of examination and treatment as well as meet standards of General Hospital at excellent level by 2015 with scale of 1,200 sick-beds under Proposal approved by Phu Tho Provincial People’s Committee in 2008, the Hospital has full facilities with many modern equipments such as: Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machine, Computer Tomography Scanner, 4D ultrasound scanner, automatic testing system; linear accelerator for cancer treatment, dialysis machine, endoscope, Carm machine, etc.
With awareness and responsibility to continuously improve medical ethics, professionalism and master new technologies, the team of nurses and doctors in Phu Tho Provincial Hospital has successfully applied many advanced techniques into examination and treatment activities like: endoscopic surgeries in maternity, gastrectomy surgery, gall-bladder surgery, bowel surgery, prostatic hyperplasia (BHP), lithuria, hepatic wound suture, partial liver cut, spinal surgery, cranial trauma, cardiovascular wound surgery, lung lobe surgery, and articulation endoscope.
Especially, in 2009, the Hospital implemented the ISO standard quality management system. After three assessments, in December 2009 the Hospital was issued certificate for Hospital meeting ISO standard 9001:2008 with policy on quality under ISO standard of “Development – Solidarity – Efficiency”.
With continuous efforts, Phu Tho Provincial Hospital has been honoured with prestigious awards such as: Transparent Party Committee for 5 executive years; Prime Minister’s Credit in 2008; and Third Labour Medal in 2010.
Quynh Vu