Lam Dong Tourism: New and Attractive

3:26:20 PM | 8/7/2005

Lam Dong Tourism: New and Attractive

In addition to famous sites such as Love Valley, Lamentation Lake and Cam Ly waterfall, which attract millions of tourists a year, Lam Dong is now developing a resort and eco-tourism.

Developing infrastructure

In recent years, Lam Dong has stepped up its development of tourism centres, attracting local and foreign investors and creating new tourist products, such as the Langbiang ethnic cultural centre, Camly - Manglin waterfall, Tuyen Lam Lake and eco-tourism. In 2003, the province invested VND17 billion to upgrade Hoang Van Thu Avenue, Cam Ly Airport, roads to Tung Lam, Xa Lat and Langbiang. Other projects are under construction such as the Tuyen Lam Lake and roads to Dan Kia, Bao Loc and Dambri.

Upgrading tourist products

On the occasion of the 110th anniversary of Da Lat, several cultural activities were organised including the Highlands ethnic festivals, a trade and tourism fair, a flower festival, Langbiang mountain climbing and a seminar on sustainable eco-tourism. In 2003, 14 tourist hotels attained a one to two star rating, bringing the total to 37 among the 500 hotels of 1-5 star standards. Twenty-five projects have been developed for tourism and recreation with a total investment of VND260 billion. The new projects have created more tourist products, services, income and over 600 jobs.

The province has at present 11 travel agents with new domestic and international tours. Lam Dong, in conjunction with Vung Tau Tourist School, have organised five training courses and several study tours to the US, New Zealand, China, Singapore and Thailand to improve the expertise and service of the staff.

Promotional programme

The province has organised several conferences in Ho Chi Minh City, Central Vietnam and the Mekong Delta to promote tourism and attract investments. Publications on Lam Dong tourism have been distributed in local and international fairs, on Vietnam Airlines flights, and soon though Lam Dong e-commerce to attract tourists to resorts in Dambri, Love Valley and other famous sites.

Lam Dong Tourism Association

The Association has 113 member companies categorised in four divisions:

·         Hotel division with 84 members

·         Landscape division with 15 members

·         Travel division with 8 members

·         Bao Loc division with 6 members.

The task of the association includes maintaining a consulting and marketing centre at Prenn, providing information on hotels, landscapes, tourist tours and recreation services, introducing, together with the Trade and Tourism Department, the potentials of the province to travel agents in Ho Chi Minh City and 12 Mekong Delta provinces.

  • Hong Hanh