Dong Thap Committed to Supporting Investors

10:54:46 PM | 12/4/2012

By tapping local potential and advantages, Dong Thap province has made long strides in all aspects, especially investment attraction. Khuc Quang Dung, Director of the Department of Planning and Investment, said: "At present, Dong Thap is focusing on improving the investment environment. This is seen as a top task and a necessary breakthrough to make Dong Thap a good province in the Mekong Delta by 2015.” Quoc Hung reports.
Could you please introduce investment attraction results of Dong Thap province in the past three years, especially FDI attraction?
Investment attraction is one of top priorities of Dong Thap province in order to effectively exploit land potentials, raw materials and labour to realise growth targets and step up economic restructuring. The province has carried out many important tasks, focusing on completing planning projects, stepping up infrastructure investment, training human resources, reforming administrative procedures to reduce intermediate stages eliminate unnecessary procedures, improving professional knowledge for officials and civil servants. All is aimed to make Dong Thap an attractive destination for investors.
With its efforts, the past three years (2009 - 2011), Dong Thap province attracted a total of 65 investment projects with a total registered capital of VND5,604 billion, including five FDI projects worth VND221.6 billion. In 2011 alone, it licensed 20 investment projects valued at VND2,074 billion, including one FDI project worth VND207 billion. Especially in 2011, the province collaborated with Saigon Newport Corporation to organise the Dong Thap investment promotion conference which concluded with18 projects worth VND1,954 billion licensed.
However, the province is not very successful in attracting FDI projects in comparison with other localities. The company will still face numerous difficulties in alluring foreign investors because of complicated economic development and stiff competition among Vietnamese localities.
What are major investment incentives in your province?
Dong Thap is blessed with tremendous potentials and advantages. It is described as a promised land for investors who want to do long-term business here. Especially, investors feel absolutely assured because local authorities are very open and ready to support them at most.
Incentives are the strengths Dong Thap utilises to lure more investors. Ten out of 12 administrative units (except for Cao Lanh City and Sa Dec Town) are prioritised investment regions where investors are offered more preferences like longer tax break terms, lower tax rates. Besides, when investors invest in agriculture and rural development, they will be granted more incentives provided in the Government Decree 61/2010/ND-CP on agricultural and rural investment encouragement..
The province encounters no problem with clearing investment sites. Provincial authorities work with investors to compensate land and clear sites, helping investors to keep up with their schedule. As regards human resources, Dong Thap is capable of recruiting skilful workers to meet the demand of investors.
Supports and incentives are quickly settled when investors embark on their projects in the province. Incentives are revised by provincial authorities from time to time to meet the real situation.
In addition, provincial leaders are very much interested in production and business activities of enterprises. On every 10th day of the month, Dong Thap People’s Committee Chairman holds talks with investors to listen to their problems and troubleshooting proposals. Regular meetings with the business community help local authorities to keep track of investment activities in the province.
Despite being a dynamic province in the Mekong Delta, Dong Thap still needs a new investment attraction direction and needs to refresh its image in the eyes of investors. Could you tell us about your upcoming investment attraction solutions?
Currently, the province is calling for investment capital for particular projects described on the list of priority investment projects in the province from 2012 to 2015. In addition to efforts to facilitate investors to learn and research investment opportunities, we also proactively work out the list of new projects in need of outside investment capital. The province also steps up cooperation with domestic and foreign organisations to launch investment promotion programmes in the country and in foreign nations. It also joins national investment promotion programmes in foreign nations. Dong Thap coordinates concerned agencies to provide best supports for investors in all three investment steps: preparation, licensing and deployment.
Dong Thap provincial authorities are always committed to providing maximum supports for investors in terms of administrative procedures, site clearance, land compensation, workforce training, infrastructure investment and others. All activities will be implemented at the highest speed.
To sustain socioeconomic development and uplift the position, the province cannot lack the devotion of authorities at all levels and the participation of the business community, especially in highly potential fields like processing industry, urban development, border-gate economic development, tourist development. We believe that, with our highest supports, we will see more successful projects in the coming time.