MHB Soc Trang: Sustainable and Efficient Development

2:36:34 PM | 18/9/2012

From a very humble beginning: no office, employees or market share, after 10 years of development, the Soc Trang branch of Mekong Housing Bank (MHB) has quickly asserted its position in the local financial market, through a rapid, stable and efficient development, to become a reliable partner for local people.
Despite numerous challenges in the early days, with the “New bank – New style” orientation, MHB Soc Trang has gradually secured its market; identified its potential customers and market in order to win more market share; attained efficient operation and high growth rate throughout the years with remarkable achievement in all areas. Throughout its operational cycle, MHB Soc Trang has initiated housing loan contracts and instalment loans to help people purchase houses; loaned to construction businesses, and construction materials and prefabricated housing frames producers. While prioritising investments in infrastructure, concentrated residential areas and housing development, MHB Soc Trang has also loaned out hundreds of billions of VND to local businesses, household and individuals in order to help them improve their business’ operation and services, to boost demand and facilitate aquaculture in planned areas.
The solicitous attitude and quick document processing for timely disbursement of funds differentiate MHB Soc Trang from other local commercial banks, which helps the bank to attract a sizeable number of customers. Despite fierce competition from many credit agencies, with the goal of striving towards excellence to improve customer service, MHB’s revenue has increased and the bank has expanded to open more branches and represented a larger market share. As a result, MHB Soc Trang is better recognized by customers, both inside and outside of the province, which helps reinforce its reputation.
Realizing that the success of businesses is one of the deciding factors for the sustainable and efficient operation of the bank, MHB Soc Trang always initiates loans with favourable interest to best cater to the need of businesses, especially small and medium enterprises (SME). More specifically, MHB has recently introduced a program titled “Together with MHB – Don’t worry about interest rate”. This shows the willingness of the bank to cooperate with businesses in order to reduce expenses (among those is interest expense).
According to Mr Nguyen Van Qui, Director of MHB Soc Trang, for the rest of 2012 and the entire 2013, the branch will focus on debt settlement; at the same time expand the personal banking segment, especially targeting household involved in production and agricultural products. Mr Nguyen Van Qui asserts, “With its inherent vibrancy and creativity, MHB Soc Trang always adapts itself to a fast-changing local business environment. Moreover, we always have in place favourable policies to cooperate with local businesses and help them improve their production activities. The long-term goal is to assist different economic sectors to access the capital more easily, in the process creating an agent for development so as to improve the competitiveness of the local economy.”
Together with an efficient operation, MHB Soc Trang is also interested in building the bank’s culture in line with the particularity of the industry; educating the employees about business ethics as well as professional skills. The Board of Director of MHB Soc Trang always attempts to create a favourable environment for each and every employee to improve their efficiency so that they can focus on their jobs and be in the industry for the long term.
Besides the good traditions trickling down from the parent company, with the goal of bringing its image closer to the community and public, MHB Soc Trang also pays special attention to social security activities to improve the happiness of the community and considers these as an integral part of its strategic plan. Among the meaningful activities are awarding scholarship for hard-striving students; building loving houses, and voluntary blood donation. These activities have left a good impression on local people, at the same time made MHB brand more well-known in the local and international financial market.
Truong Thanh