Tuyen Quang Hosts 8th Northeastern Ethnic Group Cultural Festival

5:14:59 PM | 4/10/2012

The eighth Northeastern Ethnic Group Culture, Sport and Tourism Festival was opened from September 27 to 30, 2012 in Tuyen Quang province.
Themed ‘Northeast - Beautiful and Sacred Land,’ the festival aimed to promote tourism, beautiful landscape and cultural identities of ethnic groups in northeastern Vietnam, and offer an opportunity for the ethnic groups to gather and exchange experiences. This helped develop economy, took care of cultural potentials, educated patriotic tradition, and strengthened national unity.
During the festival, many cultural and artistic performances were organised, including popular arts festival joined by local people’s performances, ‘then’ singing performance by the Tay people (the province is compiling records for the recognition of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity to the UNESCO).
A photo exhibition on cultural colours of northeast peoples, regional cuisine, traditional costume show, beauty contest, physical competitions were also organised.
Giang Tu