DongA Bank Ninh Thuan: Building Solid Growth

9:49:13 PM | 3/4/2013

Understanding enterprises’ difficulties in the fragile economy, the branch of DongA Joint Stock Commercial Bank in Ninh Thuan (DongA Bank Ninh Thuan) always expresses its determination to support enterprises to overcome challenges, stabilise and develop their business. Currently, it is one of the joint stock banks in Ninh Thuan province operating effectively.
Located in the province with a large number of commercial banks and people’s credit funds, activities of deposit and credit become hard. However, by consolidation and consensus of the staff, the branch has made its breakthrough and impressive growth in both capacity and operational scale with quite high annual growth of 40 - 50 percent. As a result, the most significant success is that the branch has marked its brand in customers’ trust. So far, DongA Bank Ninh Thuan has 40,000 individual customers and 200 corporate customers, especially, the daily number of customers reaches 800 people. In particular with traditional services and products, DongA Bank Ninh Thuan has also developed its e-banking products, remittance services, currency trading, trade finance, guarantee, and domestic and international money transfer services, giving convenience to customers.
Mr Tran Dinh Tai, Director of DongA Bank Ninh Thuan, shared: “The advantages of DongA Bank Ninh Thuan are young staff who are training frequently to serve customers. Besides, unity, agreement in the Branch is one of factors helping the branch overcome difficulties, achieving business targets every year.”
The year 2012 saw many challenges to the economy. However, thanks to implementing flexible and comprehensive solutions, on ending 2012, DongA Bank Ninh Thuan completed over 98 percent of its targets.
The outstanding success of DongA Bank Ninh Thuan is in implementing successfully flexible, careful credit policies which are not only suitable with economic difficulties, supporting enterprises to access capital, but also ensuring the development and system security of DongA Bank. With the philosophy of “eagerly accompanying enterprises in difficulties”, DongA Bank Ninh Thuan is always active in getting to know the difficulties and demand of customers in their operations to support them, especially in the difficult situation. Implementing Resolution 13 of the Government, the Branch gives priorities to enterprises investing in production, expanding consumption markets; at the same time reducing loan interest rates to customers under high interest rates to up to 15 percent per year (since the end of July 2012). Specifically, the branch has prolonged loan maturities for 5 customers with totally VND7 billion, and reduced interest rates for 3 customers with about VND50 million increment. Besides, Branch also gives advice, support or helps solve output for several customers through introducing, cross –selling service and products for enterprises having transactions at branch or on demand.
In 2013, apart from increasing deposit rate and loan rate to over 50 percent to satisfy capital for the market, DongA Bank Ninh Thuan will also actively advise and accompany customers to create effective plans and business solutions. Moreover, the branch will also focus on seeking new customers in good financial and operative conditions, still prioritise capital for agriculture, seafood, small and medium sized enterprises; develop carefully, restrain bad loan rate smaller than 2 percent; follow closely the market and direction of DongA Bank.
More than that, to get closer to customers, DongA Bank Ninh Thuan will improve transaction quality, conduct DongA Bank’s Corporate Culture, creating harmonious business environment, striving to realise missions of 2013, and creating a stable place for growth.
Cong Luan