Hai Duong Investing in Tourist Attractions

10:04:28 AM | 23/7/2014

With hopes of no longer being only a transit destination for tourists, Hai Duong has been actively studying, investing and building important tourist services to attract visitors to stay longer. Not only familiar with some traditional tourist places like Con Son- Kiep Bac, Hai Duong tourism recently put into operation two new tours based on 3 factors: spiritual tourism, eco-tourism and traditional villages. Vietnam Business Forum interviewed Mr Khong Quoc Tuan, Director of the Hai Duong Tourism Information and Promotion Centre on the issue. Thu Huyen reports.
How would you describe the importance of tourism in the economic development of Hai Duong province?
Hai Duong Province has always identified tourism as an important economic sector for investment development. In recent years, the province has taken many measures to promote tourism in Hai Duong, to reassess and review the 6-year implementation plan in accordance with the period 2015-2020, with the orientation to 2030. The provincial Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, from that, will deploy specific programmes and projects. There are five programmes and schemes namely: Tourism Promotion Programme in Hai Duong province; Human Resources Development Scheme; Developing model to develop community tourism in Co Chi Lang Nam Island; Establishing Hai Duong Tourism Information and Promotion Centre; Developing special tourist products for Hai Duong province.
Hai Duong Tourism Information and Promotion Centre has just introduced two new tourist destinations. Can you tell us about the outstanding features of these destinations?
In addition to popular traditional tourism products such as the Con Son - Kiep Bac cultural and historical site, Chu Van An at Chi Linh, Hai Duong recently put into use two new tourist destinations based on 3 factors: spiritual tourism, eco-tourism and traditional villages.
The new tourism sites have clear highlights. The first tourism route is Ninh Giang and Thanh Mien districts, taking the Dao Co ecological resorts as the most attracting place. Hai Duong Province has planned this resort since 2009 and has initially trained human resources as well as built homestay resort. The second one is the Hong Phong Water Puppet Ward, one of the famous art forms of the North Delta area, recognized as a National Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2013, and certified by the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. The third one is the Ninh Giang village of Gai cake, one of the specialties of Hai Duong province as well as the Northern Plains. The fourth destination is Khuc Thua Du Temple, the name of person who set the foundation for the independence of Vietnam after nearly 1000 years of Chinese domination.
The last tourism place is the Quan Lon Tuan Tranh Temple, one of the spiritual attractions of Hai Duong province.
The second tourism route highlights Thanh Ha litchi. Besides, we also introduce the prominent and unique monuments in the area such as Dong Ngo Pagoda, one of the oldest pagodas with Lien Hoa Dai, Minh Khanh Pagoda in association with King Tran Nhan Ton, Bach Hao Pagoda. This is the temples having picturesque landscapes ranking the most unique place of the Red River delta. Moreover, tourists can enjoy water puppetry in Thanh Hai water puppet ward with extremely unique stories.
Also, after visiting Thanh Ha ancient litchi, visitors will visit Thanh Ha litchi garden. Going to the litchi garden that VietCap planned, visitors can enjoy the ripe fruit on the trees or purchase it as a gift for family and relatives.
We identify that these are two key products of Hai Duong tourism so we have examined thoughtfully the travel schedule and time for visitors travelling within 1 to 2 days. Visitors can enjoy spiritual tourism and eco-village tourism, as well as the traditional art forms of Hai Duong in particular and North Delta region in general.
Can you specify the direction in the tourism development in Hai Duong in the future?
Hai Duong Province has now built up specific tourism development schemes of the province, reassessing the province's tourism resources and picking the most advantageous products. Hai Duong is determined to focus on ecological and spiritual tourism development, stimulating Con Son – Kiep Bac Resort (Chi Linh) – the highlight of the province and then spreading to other regions in the province. Secondly, the province will call for investment in entertainment parks in Hai Duong City. The third tourist attraction is Viet village tourism.
In addition, tourism also needs to invest in developing human resources, promote and increase investment in restaurants and hotels aiming to strengthening and enhancing the quality of services for tourists to Hai Duong.
Furthermore, tourism development is inseparable from the tourist centres of the country such as Hanoi, Quang Ninh, Hai Phong. Hai Duong will also continue to promote tourism development links with surrounding provinces to form intercity or inter-regional travel routes.