MDEC Soc Trang 2014: Restructuring Agriculture - Building New Countryside

5:23:15 PM | 24/7/2014

The Mekong Delta Economic Cooperation (MDEC) is a joint event hosted by the Steering Board for Southwest Region, the National Committee for International Economic Cooperation, ministries, central agencies and Mekong Delta provinces. As of 2013, MDEC Forum had seven editions, which were very successful and impressive.
The missions of the MDEC Forum are popularising the region’s potentialities and images; intensifying economic cooperation and constructing cooperative programmes between the region’s provinces and city together, between the region’s provinces and cities with ministries and central agencies; exploiting available resources of each province and the region effectively to bring sustainable growth to the Mekong Delta; strengthening cooperation with foreign countries and neighbouring countries in managing and using the Mekong River’s resources; furthering promotion of tourism, investment and trade; collecting initiatives of businessmen, administrators of the region’s provinces and cities, central authorities, domestic and foreign scientists in accordance with specific focuses; reporting initiatives to the Prime Minister and propose the Prime Minister to consider and promulgate common policies for strong and steady development of the region.
The inaugural MDEC Forum was held in 2007 in Ho Chi Minh City with the theme of “Mekong Delta Economic Zone - WTO impacts". MDEC - Can Tho 2008 featured the theme of “For transport infrastructure development”. MDEC - An Giang 2009 focused on the goal "Developing human resources in integration period". Themed "Promoting advantages of sea and rivers for Mekong Delta economic sustainable development", MDEC - Kien Giang 2010 highlighted a must theme for the sea-bordering country and the Mekong Delta. Faced with difficulties and challenges arising from integration period, MDEC - Ca Mau 2011 chose the theme “Mekong Delta - Unite for sustainable development”. The forum also deepened beneficial relationships between the Mekong Delta and Ho Chi Minh City. MDEC was not just a "forum for discussion" but a place where government-approved initiatives and proposals were translated into political commitment.
MDEC - Tien Giang 2012 was themed “Towards quality and sustainable agriculture”. This was the first time the forum incorporated the "Mekong Delta Farmers Forum" which drew much attention and interest of professionals, managers, businesses and farmers in the Mekong Delta.
With the theme of “Mekong Delta towards green economy," MDEC - Ben Tre 2013 reaffirmed its success and importance in investment promotion and development linkage in the Mekong Delta.
In 2014, the 8th edition of MDEC Forum will be held on November 5-6 in Soc Trang province with the theme of "Restructuring of agriculture - Building new countryside in Mekong Delta". The forum will consist of four main activities, namely Conference on Mekong Delta Tourism, Trade and Investment Promotion; MDEC - Soc Trang 2014 Opening Ceremony, the announcement of social security fund and its donors in 2014; Conference on Mekong Delta Agricultural Restructuring towards added value increase and sustainability; and Meeting of MDEC - Soc Trang 2014 Steering Committee. Besides, the People's Committee of Soc Trang Province will organise Khmer boat racing festival and exhibition on Mekong Delta trade and tourism in 2014.
Hosting the MDEC Forum 2014, Soc Trang province has a great opportunity to introduce its images, investment environment to foreign companies interested to do business in the province in particular and the Mekong Delta in general.
Hoang Ngoc