Son La Offering Most Favourable Conditions for Investors

9:05:21 AM | 1/10/2014

In recent years, Son La province has focused on attracting investment and received many positive results. This makes the business environment more favourable to the business community. To get such the result, Son La has strived to create the favourable conditions for local businesses.
Quite impressive investment results
Currently Son La province has 199 projects licensed for the investment with a total registered capital of over VND27 trillion, of which 191 projects are invested by the domestic investors and 8 investment projects by the FDI enterprises. The total reimbursed capital of the investment projects as of June 2014 was estimated at VND18,304 billion, which were used for the construction of the small and medium-sized hydropower projects, building materials projects and some projects of crops and husbandry and tourism services.
The projects have attracted the investments to address the issues of the capital, the technology, and the transition from agricultural production and outdated farming techniques to the advanced methods of the production in line with the development trend of the knowledge economy. In particular, the projects in agriculture and forestry have contributed to the economic restructuring in the rural agriculture towards the high-tech agriculture, gradually raising the production level of the labor, improving the productivity and the quality of some products such as tea, vegetables, and flowers. These are the new areas that opened up Son La the new ways to exploit effectively the potentials and the comparative advantages of the province.
Selecting projects appropriate to local advantages
The province continues to review the investment projects under Directive 19/CT-UBND dated December 6 2013 to strengthen the inspection and supervision of the implementation of the investment projects in Son La province to select the actual projects with positive impacts on the people's lives. The province starts revoking the investment certificates of the projects that are deployed later than the due dates or postponed.
The province also focuses on selecting the high-quality projects with high added value, environment-friendly technology, attracting the large-scale projects with competitive products, facilitating the good conditions to attract investment in the agro- processing area.
The portfolio of the projects from 2014 to 2020 are announced by the Provincial People's Committee under Decision No. 1511/QD-UBND dated Nov 11, 2014. The province is striving to increase the number of domestic and foreign projects inn comparison to the number of existing projects.
Besides, the province will comply with the new investment regulations and policies to build up the mechanisms and policies in accordance with the actual conditions of the province.
Attracting the FDI
Currently, there are eight FDI projects with total registered capital of over US$147 million, of which the Nickel project at Ban Phuc, Bac Yen district has total investment capital of US$136 million and the each of the rest of the projects in the fields of agriculture and forestry is valued less than US$4 million.
The investment as of June 30 2014 is accumulated at US$131.9 million, reaching 90 percent of the total registered capital. The FDI is focused on the large investment projects such as the Ban Phuc Nickel project and the small projects of growing and processing of the tea and vegetables of the investors of Japan, Taiwan and China.
Son La province is promoting the projects to attract the FDI projects to produce the agricultural products such as corn, cassava, fruits, dairy, livestock, and poultry for import and export. This is the trend of the sustainable development, promotion of the agricultural goods, and equalization of the agro- processing market.
Son La Province has proposed to the Ministry of Planning and Investment a portfolio to attract foreign investment and requested the Investment Promotion Centre of the north to connect the province with the domestic and foreign investors. The province aims to attract the high-quality investment projects to create high-value added products with high competitiveness in the domestic and foreign markets. Such the projects could be found in the supporting industry or the projects are environment-friendly or the projects could have high application of technology, energy saving, low carbon emissions or the projects are labor-intensive to develop the sectors such as services, trade, tourism and real estate.
Committed to creating favourable conditions
The province has issued Decision No. 991 / QD-UBND dated April 29, 2014 to enact the action plans to improve the business environment, enhancing the competitiveness of Son La province, and focusing on improving the dynamism index of the Son La province in accordance with Section 2.6, Clause 2, Article 1. The specific contents are as follows:
- Measurement of the creativity and wisdom of the provincial leadership in the implementing the central policies, proposing the initiatives that aim to develop the private sector and evaluating the support and application of the policies that are sometimes not clear enough but beneficial for the businesses.
- Improvement of the rankings and scores to 5.27 points, equivalent to the ranking in 2012
- Restructuring the human resources management officials, especially the evaluation and selection of the qualified staff to guarantee their devotion, ethics, professionals, qualifications and ability of resolving the difficulties and problems for the businesses.
- Improving the responsibility, spirits and attitude of the staff and civil servants to meet the new requirements.
- Changing the mindset from the view of the managers to the attitude of the public services to serve the businesses at their best.
- Reviewing and consolidating the organizational structure, functions and duties of the professional bodies towards the streamlined and efficient directions.
- The provincial leaders often have direct dialogues and timely come up with the solutions to remove the difficulties and problems of the businesses. The problems that are beyond the competence of the province and the department as well as the different opinions among departments will be assigned to a lead agency or an advisory board for solutions.
- The provincial leaders strengthen the connection with the industry and local businesses to perform the assigned tasks promptly and remove the difficulties for the industry and the local businesses.
- The province also increases the interaction with ministries and the central agencies, the leaders of the Party and the government to ask for supports and submit the proposals to address the problems promptly.

- The province additionally strengthens the foreign relations to attract investment and expand the international cooperation in all areas.

Duy Anh