Cao Bang Getting Ready for Investments

11:50:30 AM | 6/4/2015

In recent years, Cao Bang province has made great efforts to improve its environment for efficient investments. It not only tries to upgrade its provincial competitiveness index (PCI), but its more important objective is to create a favourable and accountable environment for entrepreneurs, investors and businesses. To get more information, Vietnam Business Forum interviewed Mr Bui Dinh Trieu, Director of Cao Bang Planning and Investment Department. Duy Binh reports.
As economic restructuring is taking place throughout Vietnam, how does Cao Bang apply its plan to keep up with other provinces, and what are its comparative advantages?
Presently, Cao Bang is implementing its economic restructuring plan for sustainable development. Cao Bang People’s Committee has issued Decision 2135/QD-UBND of November 29, 2013 on plan of action for economic restructuring in 2013-2020. It lays out comprehensive and detailed objectives, orientation as well as fundamental solutions for economic restructuring. Thereafter, concerned local authorities and agencies carry out their own restructuring.
In addition, the province has also set out plans for specific sectors and products such as human resources development in 2010-2020, comprehensive tourism development in 2011-2020, industrial centres development to 2020 in vision of 2025, agricultural-forestry development of 2011-2020 in vision of 2030, transport and communication development to 2020 in vision of 2030, border trade development to 2020, and district socio-economic development. In particular, Cao Bang has a comprehensive socio-economic development plan to 2020 in vision of 2025 approved by the Prime Minister by Decision 512/QD-TTg of April 11, 2014.
What are the comparative advantages?
One, Cao Bang has great advantages in climate and soil for special agricultural and forestry products of high value and trademarks meeting the demand of local and foreign markets, especially China. The province has development plans for agriculture and forestry in 2011-2020 and in vision of 2030, with crops and domestic animals meeting the demands of local and foreign investors.
Two, regarding tourism potential, Cao Bang has developed an over-all development plan for 2011-2020 in vision of 2030 making tourism a spearhead sector and socio-economic driving force. The province focuses on development of infrastructure, technical facilities and services for tourist centres such as Pac Bo relics, Ban Gioc Waterfall, Nguom Ngao Cave, Phja Oac – Phja Den, developing tourist centres in Phja Oac – Phja Den, Gioc Dau Cave, Tran Hung Dao forest, and Dong Khe victory site. The province encourages all economic sectors to develop motels, restaurants, commercial centres, sports and recreation centres.
Three, the province has great advantage in developing trade with China along its 333 km border, three major ports and numerous entries for border trade. Cao Bang People’s Committee has signed several cooperation agreements with Guangxi province (China) for economic development in 2011-2015, focusing on Tra Linh border gate with Tra Linh – Long Bang (China) economic centre.
How is the province pursuing administrative reform, in compliance with government Resolution 30c/NQ-CP?
In compliance with Resolution 30c/NQ-CP of November 8, 2011 of the government on administration reform in 2011-2020 and Document 207/BNV-CCHC of Ministry of Interior on administration reform in 2011-2020, Cao Bang has sponsored workshops for their implementation.
For its part, Cao Bang People’s Committee has also issued Resolution 97/QD-UBND of February 3, 2012 on supervision and Plan 345/KH-UBND of March 2, 2012 on reviewing administration reform; while Decision 255/QD-UBND of March 6, 2012 and Decision 740/QD-UBND of June 14, 2012 focus on the implementation on 2011-2015.
After four years, 17 departments and 13 districts have implemented administrative reform in accordance with Resolution 30c/NQ-CP improving the efficiency of offices and staff. Each year, Cao Bang People’s Committee makes public administrative reform indexes to classify local offices to improve efficiency.
Cao Bang People’s Committee has established an Investment Promotion Centre to promote investments in the province.
One-stop shop has been established to save time when granting investment permits.
Investment permits are granted in 5-7 days for those exempted of inspection, and 8-10 days for those requiring further examination, saving 3-5 and 2-4 days respectively.
From 2006 to 2014, 185 projects have been granted investment permits with total registered capital of VND26,388 billion including 100 projects in 2011-2014 (54 percent) with registered capital of VND10,136 billion.
How does Cao Bang help local business community dismantle their difficulties and improve the business environment?
In carrying out administrative reform in business registration and especially Decision 43/2010/ND-CP of April 15, 2010 and Decision 102/2010/ND-CP of October 1, 2010 on the implementation Corporate Law, the province has coordinated with national network to accelerate the business registration.
The province has also established Business and Investment Portal to update and provide necessary information for businesses, set up an editorial board and information network on business environment of the province, and issued the Cao Bang PCI notebook and website. In the same efforts, most recently Cao Bang People’s Committee has approved the establishment of an Investment Promotion Centre.
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