Golden Opportunity for Quang Ninh Province

11:30:52 PM | 21/5/2015

Mong Cai Economic Zone (EZ) in Quang Ninh will be developed into an dynamic growth point of the Red River Delta region, an important gateway of international cooperation among Vietnam, China and other countries in ASEAN. That was the main content discussed in the workshop of overall planning for socio-economic development of Mong Cai EZ to 2020 and vision toward 2030. The workshop was recently organised in Hanoi by the Ministry of Planning and Investment and Quang Ninh Provincial People's Committee.
Clear mechanism
The overall planning for socio-economic development of Mong Cai EZ to 2020 and vision toward 2030 was assigned by the Prime Minister for evaluation and approval in Dispatch 709/VPCP-KTTH dated January 28, 2015 of the Government Office. Then, on March 11, 2015, the Minister of Planning and Investment issued Decision 278/QD-BKHDT on the establishment of the Evaluation Council of the overall planning for socio-economic development of Mong Cai EZ to 2020, while the Ministry of Planning and Investment has sent Official Letter 1267/BKHDT-QLQH dated March 09, 2015 attached with planning profiles to ministries and agencies as well as members of the Evaluation Council to seek consultancy about the planning. So far, the Council has received opinions from 14 ministries and agencies, and feedback from members of the Council. In general, most members agreed with directions of the planning.
Mr Vu Quang Cac, Director of Planning Management Agency, the Ministry of Planning and Investment, permanent member of the Evaluation Council, points out that in terms of legal basis, all figures, data and information used in the report is complete and reliable. The planning also successfully highlights potential and advantages of the province, the ability of resource exploitation, as well as foresee risks and environmental impacts to determine the degree of influence of the bordergate EZ on socio-economic development of the province’s localities. More importantly, the planning was constructed based on the advantage of economic geography, putting great importance on developing economy hand-in-hand with ensuring social progressive and justice and environmental protection, ensuring local security and politics are in line with Quang Ninh’s socio-economic development orientation. The planning also shows a high generalisation, major orientations and main objectives mentioned are consistent with objectives and orientations in the overall planning of socio-economic development of Quang Ninh, the northern key economic area, development planning of the province’s as well as the region’s sectors has been approved by the Prime Minister.
Seizing opportunities
According to Mr Nguyen Van Thanh, Vice Chairman of Quang Ninh Provincial People’s Committee, in the process of developing the overall planning for socio-economic development of Mong Cai EZ to 2020 and vision toward 2030, the province has adhered to directions of the government, keeping close collaboration with other central ministries and agencies. Also, in order to gain objective critical opinions, the province has organised many meetings, seminars and consultation to gather opinions of over 500 prestigious experts in various fields, both national and international, then together with consultant units, finalize the planning on that basis. Particularly in this planning, the provincial leadership focuses on six major breakthrough points including: The insurance of modernity, harmonious combination of traditional architecture with international experience; Methods of approach, analysis and choosing profession, sector, innovative products; Planning in line with provincial potential, advantages and development prospects, in comparison with some countries and territories from the same foothold, closely evaluating investment demands domestically and internationally; The selected options reflect right approach by determining reasonable development space, forming dynamic areas and breakthrough points; Solutions to implement the planning are detailed and not bound by narrow vision, reflecting through various investment cooperation model, the latest is “public - private” cooperation; Planning project has proposed effective implementation measures. Based on strategic orientations, the development potential of Mong Cai border gate economic zone is huge. According to experts’ calculations, by 2020, Mong Cai border gate economic zone will become an modern EZ of service and industry, with annual growth rate of 17.7 percent, per capita income of about US$10,000. By 2030, Mong Cai border gate economic zone will become a big economic and financial centre, with an economy of diversification, creativity, modernity and sustainability; at the same time one of the major tourist attractions of the Southeast Asian region. Per capita GDP is projected to be at US$22,000, US$2,000 higher than the target of the province.
In addition, according to McKinsey, a multinational management consulting firm, it has built an action plan of attracting investment in the Mong Cai border gate EZ period 2016-2020 on 10 fields with 155 solutions. It has also been committed to supporting Mong Cai border gate EZ in organising investment promotion programmes abroad to attract strategic investors worldwide.
Based on preliminary consensus, Deputy Minister of Planning and Investment Dang Huy Dong, Chairman of the Evaluation Council praised and approved the overall planning for socio-economic development of Mong Cai EZ to 2020 and vision toward 2030 on the basis of receiving feedback and adjusting. Deputy Minister Dong also required Mong Cai City and consultant units to focus more on making in-depth reviews and analysis of the situation in order to clearly define different potential, emerging opportunities and competitive advantages, thereby, determining the right orientation, pillars and investment priorities; designing development indicators; proposing solutions to mobilise resources which are convincing and practical to obtain maximized investment efficiency.
Anh Phuong