Tien Giang Lottery Co., Ltd Bringing Fine Values for Society

2:57:39 PM | 17/5/2016

State-owned Tien Giang Lottery One-member Limited Liability Company, set up 35 years ago, has importantly contributed to local economic and social development, national security and defence, social security, and employment. With its operating principles, the company has brought fine values to the society and developed the province.
Tien Giang Lottery Co., Ltd was formed when Vietnam transformed from self-subsidy economic mechanism to State-controlled socialist-oriented market mechanism. Since its inception, the company has contributed greatly to the economic development of Tien Giang province in particular and the country in general. All generations of its leaders and employees as well as its distribution agents always strive to build Tien Giang Lottery Co., Ltd into a mainstream actor in financial and monetary sectors and gradually expand its cooperation and partnership with other business entities in the current economic integration process as now.
With its unremitting efforts, the company was awarded a number of noble titles by the Party and the State. On the occasion of the 35th founding anniversary (1979-2014), Tien Giang Lottery Co., Ltd was honourably conferred Third-class Independence Order by the President of Vietnam. This is a pride and inspiration for the company to strive for a higher level of development.
At present, lottery is a busy daily business in southern Vietnam. With high commissions of 15 per cent on revenue for agents and retailers, the company has generated jobs with stable income for thousands of people from cities to rural areas. With this foundation, Tien Giang Lottery Co., Ltd has secured a strong position on the market. This is an important prerequisite for the company to uphold and promote its advantages and rationalise commission sharing mechanism.
In the current integration and development trend of market economy, the company must be more active in forecasting, accessing, grasping and applying advanced techniques to enhance professionalism in lottery business and win the trust of partners and players. In addition, Tien Giang Lottery Co., Ltd accurately defines revenue and profit sources so as to rationalise its contributions to local socioeconomic development. Particularly, the company gives priority to tax payment to the State coffers and actively invests in social utilities, charity and social security activities. In order to better promote its capital resources, the company enhances effective investments in important projects to generate added values and further contribute to the development of Tien Giang province on the path of industrialisation and modernisation.
In five years (2009-2013), Tien Giang Lottery Co., Ltd outstandingly fulfilled its business tasks and took the lead in lottery business in the Mekong Delta by sales and tax payment. The company was presented the Flag of Emulation in five straight years by the Tien Giang Provincial People’s Committee and honoured with the First Class Labour Order in 2008 and the Third Class Independence Order in 2014.
In a bid to bring lottery business to new highs, Tien Giang Lottery Co., Ltd together with relevant bodies and its employees is building standards of operations - the foundation for restricting and reversing flip sides of market mechanism and preventing unhealthy manifestations of lottery operations.
In the course of sustainable business development with interwoven relationships, Tien Giang Lottery Co., Ltd is aware of its leading role in financial investment for development. Mr Ly Minh An, President and Director of the company, said that the whole company together with its partners and stakeholders always follow the guidance and leadership of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial People’s Committee. Inheriting and promoting its achievements, the company preserves and upholds the internal unity and strengthens political nerves and operational capacity toward specialisation and professionalisation to elevate the company’s operations to new highs.
Looking back on 35 years of construction and development with numerous important achievements, Tien Giang Lottery Co., Ltd and its stakeholders have united to develop its business performances and positively contribute to the cause of industrialisation and modernisation of Tien Giang province and the nation as a whole.