Long An - Better Place for Better Business

9:15:09 AM | 23/8/2016

Long An province is a good land for doing business, said Bich Thuy, General Director of Annong Group, which was relocated to Long An province more than 10 years ago and reaped much success on the path of development.
Twenty years ago (1996), Hoang Hai, President of Annong Group, and his wife Bich Thuy, General Director, set up An Nong Private Enterprise which engaged in pesticide business. This was just a small pesticide store, which mainly distributed pesticides for domestic and foreign companies.
With little capital, cramped facilities and insufficient experience, their company confronted numerous difficulties at first. But, with their diligence and shrewdness, their business gradually stabilised and grew. After just four years of operation (in 2000), they registered the first trade names for plant protection substances allowed in circulation in Vietnam and began to take over a long business cycle from direct import to distribution. Led by the business philosophy of “prestige, quality, competitive price and considerate service,” An Nong Private Enterprise has maintained constant development and become a reliable partner of customers and farmers.
In 2005, after 10 years of operation in Binh Duong province with abundant capital and experience, Hoang Hai and Bich Thuy made an important, strategic decision: Building a factory and moving the head office of the company to Long An province. The destination is Duc Hoa 1 - Hanh Phuc Industrial Park in Duc Hoa District, Long An province. “This can be seen as a stepping stone for An Nong to transform from a distributor into a renowned manufacturer of plant protection substances, said Hoang Hai, President of Annong Group.
In spite of its experience in pesticide distribution, Annong is still a new but well-prepared producer. “Despite being a new producer, with a long-term strategic vision, we invest in modern machinery, equipment and production lines to turn out all types of pesticides, fertilisers, household utensils and fluids (e.g. EC, SL, SC and EW), powder (e.g. WP and WG), granule (e.g. G), compositions used in community healthcare and household insect disinfectants (e.g. mosquito, fly, cockroach, ant, etc.), and insecticide-impregnated mosquito nets for the market,” said Bich Thuy, General Director of Annong Group.
In spite of being a new producer, Annong is visionary and very quick to register some 200 trade names of pesticides and 100 trade names of fertiliser. Each trade name has many types of products with different contents, packaging specifications and target purposes. Then, the company helps farmers with more choices of products fitting their needs and affordability.
From a small pesticide business store, after 20 years of development, Annong Group now has four subsidiary companies operating in Vietnam, including An Nong, US Chemical, Gold Ocean and US Agro, and An Nong Co. in Cambodia. Annong Group also has many branches in Ho Chi Minh City, An Giang, Kien Giang and Soc Trang provinces engaged in various business fields such as pesticide, fertiliser, household product and real estate. The company’s market has constantly expanded. In addition to the domestic market, Annong Group’s pesticide products have been exported to other potential markets such as Cambodia, Taiwan, Laos and Africa under hundreds of trade names.
With its business success, Annong Group has made positive contributions to local socioeconomic development. The firm is an active philanthropist in Long An and many other provinces across the country.
With its great contributions and achievements, Annong Group was honoured with many notable awards from central and local authorities and agencies. General Director Bich Thuy was granted the Certificate of Merits for excellently leading a private business in 2013 by the President of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry (VCCI), the Certificate of Merits for excellent contributions to economic construction and development in Long An province by the Ministry of Planning and Investment, and the Certificate of Merits for outstanding business performances in 2012 by the Chairman of Long An Provincial People’s Committee.
Bich Thuy said An Nong started up business in Binh Duong province but made their name in Long An province. Without any doubt, Long An is a better place for better business. During 10 years here, Annong Group has upheld a very strong progress. This fruit is reaped in a fertile business climate and a business-enabling authority. I am pleased with investing and doing business here. “We are making an effort to build Annong Group into a leading business group to further contribute to local and national socioeconomic development,” she concluded.
Quoc Hung