VNPT Soc Trang: For a “True Life”

3:54:53 PM | 29/8/2017

Officially put into operation in early 2008, after nearly 10 years of construction and development, VNPT Soc Trang has quickly affirmed its position as a leading provider of telecom - information technology products and services in Soc Trang province. With its ongoing efforts to deploy new products, services and technologies, improve the quality of services and customer care, and maintain market share, VNPT Soc Trang is always a trusted address to bring a “true life” to customers.

Imprints in restructuring
During the past nearly 10 years of development, VNPT Soc Trang shifted from copper-core cable to fibre-optic cable transmission lines to provide telecom - information technology services. Currently, the telecom network in Soc Trang province is being invested for synchronous development and stable operation to ensure both scale and quality of services, meet production and business requirements of local units and serve information and communication requirements of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial People’s Committee in administration. For example, online videoconferencing, data transmission, virtual private networks and other events in the province are ensured safe, secure, smooth from communal level to provincial and central levels.

In addition to meeting information and communication demands in urban areas, VNPT Soc Trang always focuses on investing for industrial parks, key economic hubs, commercial and residential areas and remote areas. VNPT Soc Trang is the only enterprise in the province to cover all communes, wards, townships and isolated areas, thus giving a very helpful hand to the province's new rural development programme.

2014 was the first year VNPT Soc Trang together with the Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) started corporate restructuring. In 2016, growth was raised to 7.7 per cent, higher than the average of 6.4 per cent in 2010 - 2013. This impressive achievement enabled VNPT Soc Trang to affirm its position as a key player in telecom - information technology infrastructure development and a leading provider of telecom - information technology services in Soc Trang province.

Strength from human resources
In the current context of stiff competition on the market, human resources play a very important and decisive role in business. For that reason, VNPT Soc Trang always pays due attention to promoting study movements and improving professional qualifications, technical skills and attitudes of its employees. Especially, after restructuring, to build and develop human resources as guided by VNPT Group on human resources construction and development in the 2016 - 2020 period, VNPT Soc Trang has provided a wide variety of training programmes such as short-term in-house, online training and experience sharing programmes for employees. Over 150 employees attend training courses every year.

In addition, VNPT Soc Trang has synchronously and vigorously carried out staffing stages such as personnel assessment, planning, training, retraining, rotation, arrangement and employment according to VNPT Group’s policy. At the same time, VNPT Soc Trang effectively implemented the campaign on building the VNPT culture to raise the consciousness, attitude and behaviour of employees.

Mr Nguyen Khac Phung, Director of VNPT Soc Trang, said that, with a team of qualified, professional and creative staff and the current network capacity, VNPT Soc Trang is confident to be a top telecom - information technology service provider with best services and most considerate attitude for investors in Soc Trang province. “We hope to go with investors in the process of tapping local potential and reaching the prospect of sustainable development in Soc Trang province,” he stressed.

In recognition of its merits and continuous contributions, VNPT Soc Trang has been awarded numerous excellent emulation flags and certificates of merit from the Prime Minister, Soc Trang Provincial People’s Committee, VNPT Group and the Ministry of Information and Communications. Especially in the 2011 - 2015 period, VNPT Soc Trang was honoured to receive the Second-class Labour Order. This was not only a great recognition and encouragement but also a motivation and responsibility for VNPT Soc Trang to strive for more achievements in the continuing journey of development.

Hoang Lam