Phu Yen - Charming, Friendly and Hospitable Destination

3:42:16 PM | 6/8/2018

Phu Yen is rich in tourism development potential, featuring diverse natural topography consisting of mountains, highlands, delta, rivers, lakes, lagoons, bays and islands. The 189-km long coast with many winding sections, mountains and cliffs has many unspoiled, mysterious scenic lagoons, bays and whirlpools like Cu Mong Estuary, O Loan Estuary, Vung Ro Bay linked to legendary wartime codeless ships and Ho Chi Minh Sea Trail, Xuan Dai Bay National Scenery linked to many national and local historical events, Da Dia Whirlpool well-known for its unique geological phenomena in Vietnam, and Mon Beach - Dien Cape (Dai Lanh Cape) - the first point on Vietnam’s mainland to see the sunrise.

The province is also home to many ideal beaches with pure blue seawater and gently sloping white sand, enabling it to develop seaside tourism and water sports in Bang Beach, Bau Beach, Xuan Hai Beach, Nom Beach, Tram beach, Tu Nham Beach, Om Beach, An Hai Beach, Sung Beach, Xep Beach, and Mon Beach. It also has many untapped picturesque cliffs and small islands along the coast such as Mai Nha Island, Yen Island, Chua Island and Nua Island. In addition, survey results show that Phu Yen has a coral reef covering 400 ha - an extremely valuable resource for marine eco-tourism development in the future. Hot mineral water sources like Phu Sen, Lac Sanh, Tra O and Triem Duc, with water temperatures ranging from 500C to 700C are very suitable for developing medical, convalescing and relaxing tourism.

Besides natural tourism resources, Phu Yen is full of historical and cultural values and home to many cultural and intangible cultural heritages. At present, the province has 22 nationally certified relics and 48 provincially recognised vestiges. Some relics and landmarks are linked to historical legends: Da Bia connected to the legendary journey to expand the national territory to the south by Emperor Le Thanh Tong; Luong Van Chanh Temple, which worships Luong Van Chanh - the founder of Phu Yen land; Le Thanh Phuong Temple, which worships Le Thanh Phuong - leader of Can Vuong Movement in Phu Yen; and An Tho Fortress - homeland of Comrade Tran Phu - the first General Secretary of the Communist Party of Vietnam. Phu Yen culture is particularly featured by the interchange and interconnection of many cultures that create diverse folk cultural nuances, various traditional festivals, folk songs and folk dances. Notably, bai choi singing, drum performance and fish-worshipping ritual are three traditional arts and festivals added to the list of National Intangible Cultural Heritages. Bai choi singing is recognised by the UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

Currently, the province has about 142 tourist accommodation facilities with about 3,000 rooms. Restaurants, shopping and souvenir services are also invested and developed quite strongly to meet tourists’ requirements for product and service quality. Traditional handicraft villages (fish sauce, rice paper and fine-art articles like snails, woodwork, stone and coconut shells) and famous indigenous foods (ocean tuna, blood cockle, O Loan oyster, Cau River snail and Cu Mong clam) are valuable gifts for tourists.

Unlocking and turning local potential and advantages into tourism development opportunity, Phu Yen province has issued a lot of tourism development resolutions, plans and projects and gradually invested in many tourism projects, especially along the coast from Cu Mong to Da Bia. Up to now, many tourism projects are being carried together with the construction of infrastructure works like traffic routes, hotels, restaurants and entertainment facilities to create a new tourism look for the province, strongly impress and attract more visitors to Phu Yen - a friendly, hospitable tourist destination with a lot of cheap, delicious, attractive foods.

Remarkably, in 2017, Phu Yen province continued to achieve positive tourism results and grew in all aspects: Many more large-scale tourism projects were invested to create a new face of tourism service; tourism products were made more abundant. Notably, the province managed to make positive changes in public perception and action towards important roles of tourism development and participation of authorities, enterprises and people in the tourism industry. Specially, with positive effects of the blockbuster movie “Yellow Flowers on Green Grass”, tourist arrivals to Phu Yen province in 2017 increased sharply to over 1.4 million, 17 per cent higher than the full-year plan and 19.5 per cent higher than in 2016. These are good signs for Phu Yen tourism as they help actively preserve and promote cultural identity of ethnic groups, boost socioeconomic development, raising cultural and spiritual enjoyment for people, and turn tourism into an important economic sector of Phu Yen province as defined in the Resolution of the 16th Provincial Party Congress.

Source: Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, Phu Yen Province