Active Approach in New Countryside Construction

10:07:21 AM | 15/7/2019

Nghe An province embarked on the National Target Program for New Countryside Construction with a lot of difficulties. However, with the highest political determination, endeavor and consensus of the people, Nghe An has made considerable achievements in improving the rural face.

Proactive in new countryside construction

According to a report released by the Nghe An Provincial People's Committee, after three years of implementing the National Target Program for New Countryside Construction in the 2016-2018 period, Nghe An province has made strong changes in the rural look. In 2016-2018, the province had 109 more communes meeting new countryside construction standards, bringing the total certified communes to 218, accounting for 50.58% of its communes, higher than the national average (44.75% with 3,993 certified communes). Three district-level localities meet new countryside construction standards in 2016-2018, namely Vinh City, Thai Hoa Town and Nam Dan District. Currently, on average, a commune fulfils 15.37 criteria, an increase of 3.1 criteria over the end of 2015. As many as 63 communes met 15-18 criteria; 83 communes achieved 10-14 criteria; 67 communes fulfilled 5-9 criteria; and no more communes had less than 5 criteria. The province has three district-level units (Thai Hoa Town, Vinh City, Nam Dan District), 218 communes (accounting for 50.58% of the total - higher than the national average) and 97 villages fulfilling the National Target Program for New Countryside Construction. Currently, on average, a commune fulfils 15.37 criteria, an increase of 3.1 criteria over the end of 2015. Especially, in 2018, the province successfully organized contests on beautiful communes and villages under policies of the Standing Party Committee and motivated new countryside construction movements to go further and deeper.

To promote achieved results after many straight years of completing and exceeding assigned plans, especially in the past three years, in 2019, Nghe An province has striven to have one more district and 39 communes to reach new countryside standards. On average, a commune will achieve 16 criteria and no commune has less than seven criteria. By the end of this year, Nghe An will have about 60% of communes meeting new countryside standards, basically completing the Prime Minister’s plan one year ahead of schedule.

Mr. Dinh Viet Hong, Vice Chairman of the Nghe An Provincial People's Committee, Deputy Director of the Steering Committee of the National Target Program for New Countryside Construction in Nghe An, said, Nghe An is ranked 5th in the country by new countryside construction. The key to building the new countryside is to increase people’s incomes. Thus, Nghe An has paid attention to adopting many scientific and technical application models for effective production. Currently, the face of new countryside has been lifted, with more developed infrastructure system, particularly in difficult areas. The material and spiritual life of rural residents has been significantly improved. The average income in a rural dweller rose from VND12 million a year to VND24.8 million a year.

The atmosphere of building the new countryside is increasingly vibrant. People believe in the leadership of the Party and authorities and clearly see their responsibility for the common goal. With these successes, Nghe An province is further implementing the new countryside construction program.

Prevailing OCOP

With agricultural products being key commodities, Nghe An province established programs to develop and diversify agricultural products and sustain rural economic development, develop community-based tourism and improve people's livelihoods, and build the new countryside. This is the one commune one product (OCOP) project in the 2019 - 2020 period.

Mr. Nguyen Van Lap, Deputy Director of the Nghe An Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, said, local products are hugely potential to become key exports and sustain rural development. The agricultural sector defined this program as a central task and supported localities to communicate on the OCOP development program and generate huge benefits for the agricultural sector.

The specific objective of the OCOP project in Nghe An in 2019-2020 is to build a consistent OCOP management and administration system from the province to districts and communes; issue and apply consistent policies to effectively implement the OCOP project; standardize at least 50% of existing products (equivalent to about 90 products), focusing on important, typical and potential products; develop 2-3 community ecotourism villages; develop at least three 5-star products. The provincial budget for this program is expected to be about VND240 billion.