HANAKA Group: 25 Years of Aspirations, Dedication and Future Construction

11:12:04 AM | 29/10/2019

2019 is a very special milestone for HANAKA Group as it turns 25. HANAKA has become a leading industrial manufacturer in Vietnam and affirmed its solid position in the international market as a brand that has captured the hearts of millions of people.

Journey to make the future

Looking back on HANAKA’s 25-year journey of construction and development, it is no exaggeration to say that this is a journey to “make the future”, a journey to make miracles, an extraordinary journey led by a very ordinary person, Man Ngoc Anh - President of the Board of Directors and CEO of Chairman of HANAKA Group.

Man Ngoc Anh was born in 1971 in Man Xa village, Van Mon commune, Yen Phong district, Bac Ninh province, a land famous for cottage industries. As the youngest child in a business family, since early childhood, Man Ngoc Anh showed his natural gifts and soon exceled his peers. He was usually the leader when he played games with friends. While he was at the primary school, he studied on his own and completed the secondary school, and while in secondary school he completed his high school level. In his young age, he was familiar with business as he often helped his mother to look after the grocery store, attached to their home. Together with his fascination for mathematics, his aptitude for business gradually built up.

Throughout his life, Man Ngoc Anh adores President Ho Chi Minh. He always strives to work and study towards the moral ideology of the first president of Vietnam.

In 1994, Hong Ngoc Co., Ltd, the forerunner of HANAKA Group., was founded. He traveled across the country to seek and complete freight forwarding contracts at ports in Hai Phong City and Ho Chi Minh City for many importers and exporters. After running his business, Man Ngoc Anh quickly approached scientists to import materials and technological equipment to make electric equipment. Right in his hometown - Tu Son district of Bac Ninh province, he started the HANAKA electrical equipment factory (laying the first foundation for the industry of Bac Ninh province), pioneered in rural electrification to bring electricity to all the countryside of Vietnam, and feed in the 500KV North - South power line, Playku, Phu Lam and Ha Tinh grids. At the same time, the company pioneered in State-backed key mechanical programs to ensure energy security, took the lead in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and high-tech agriculture; and broke new ground for infrastructure construction, rural transportation, parks, schools and cottage industry villages.

And, the official establishment of HANAKA Group on February 14, 2007 marked an important milestone and the shift to a new phase on the development path, making HANAKA a leading brand in transformer, wire and cable manufacture in Vietnam

The path to connect “inclusion and development” values

To reach today's achievements, thousands of HANAKA employees all over the country have been working with all their enthusiasm with the spirit of “inclusion for joint development”. That business philosophy fosters companionship and consolidates individual strengths into a powerful force, steering HANAKA battleship to steadily overcome all challenges.

The string of solidarity, the spirit of “inclusion for joint development” has been molded into values that nurture the willpower to reach new highs. President and CEO Man Ngoc Anh said, “HANAKA’s current success comes from valuable contributions of HANAKA employees, suppliers, and customers which together build the common roof of HANAKA.”

The close friendship among long-time friends is most evident by the fact that current top leaders of the group are sharing and planning together strategies and directions for each business or solving problems arising in each member company. Many retired or moved employees always look to HANAKA, regarding it as a proud and unforgettable place because HANAKA gave them an environment where they could speak and act to prove their value. This is very important to build a special cultural identity in HANAKA.

Many of HANAKA's partners, suppliers and agents also appreciate the virtues of HANAKA people. They all agree that the relationship between HANAKA and partners is not just a business relationship but also a relation of very trustworthy confidants. The value of HANAKA also lies in a series of voluntary social and philanthropic programs and activities, a way to express its responsibility to the community. Each year, the group carries out various programs to realize that responsibility, for example sponsoring congenital heart surgeries for poor children, presenting Tet gifts to the poor, supporting victims of Agent Orange and orphans, supporting funds for the poor in many localities across the country, and funding the construction of welfare projects.

Conquering “new stature, new power”

Currently, Hanaka is a leading professional manufacturer of oil-immersed distribution transformers and dry-type transformers with voltage up to 35kV, capacity of up to 15,000 kVA; power transformers, low-voltage switchboards, medium-voltage wires and cables, aluminum wires, bare round and flat copper wires; and metal packages such as 2-piece aluminum cans and bottle caps for beverage industry. Hanaka is also a leading importer and exporter of raw materials, machinery and equipment for electricity, construction and transportation industries; a constructor of infrastructure, hotels, restaurants and offices for lease; and an exclusive agent for international corporations. HANAKA brand has affirmed in the international market.

HANAKA's products are now widely used in major projects of Vietnam such as Northern Rural Energy Project 2, 500KV North-South transmission line - Circuit 2, and nationwide power grid upgrading projects. Especially, the group's products are also supplied to the most important projects such as Transformer Station at No. 7 Nguyen Canh Chan - the supplier of electricity for the Party Central Office and the Government Office, and Substation Kiosk at the Electricity of Vietnam Group. HANAKA products and brand are also affirmed in the international market through its the export of thousands of transformers for projects in Laos, electric cables to Iraq and power transformers to Ghana.

Carrying out the mission for the community

In recent years, HANAKA Group has spent a lot of efforts with villagers in Man Xa village, Van Mon commune, Yen Phong district, Bac Ninh province to restore Tuong Quoc Temple and Communal House which worship Hung King and military generals from Hung King era like Truong Chieu Cong and Truong Tuan Cong, to Ho Chi Minh era such as Vo Nguyen Giap, Le Trong Tan, Hoang Van Thai, Van Tien Dung and Nguyen Chi Thanh. Also in the village, HANAKA Group and local authorities and people restored Thanh Quang Pagoda and built 15-story Vajrayana Dai Bi Tower - a place for worshiping the Buddha, praying for peace, security and success. Recently, the Vietnam Record Organization successfully proposed to the World Records Union - WorldKings to set two new world records in Vietnam. Thanh Quang Pagoda (based in Van Mon commune, Yen Phong district, Bac Ninh province) where there is Vajrayana Dai Bi Tower with the most gold-plated bronze bell system and the first automatic bell-ringing system in the world.

In addition, for many years, HANAKA Group has carried out voluntary activities in many localities throughout the country, presented gifts to policy beneficiaries, people with recognized meritorious service and sacrifice to the revolution and the poor. The group has also built parks, schools, roads and flood shelters in Lao Cai, Son La, Cao Bang, Yen Bai, Nghe An, Quang Nam and other provinces.