Soc Trang Project Management Unit 2 - Helping Hand for Stronger Economic Competitiveness

11:06:19 AM | 17/3/2020

Soc Trang Project Management Unit 2 (PMU 2) was established by Soc Trang Provincial People's Committee under Decision 2367/QD-UBND dated October 6, 2016, and officially operated from November 14, 2016. In more than three years of operation, PMU 2 has always fulfilled its tasks assigned by the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial People’s Committee, evidenced by its top-class spending value in the province. At the same time, PMU 2 has given good advice to provincial leaders on basic construction and practically contributed to local socioeconomic development, industrialization and modernization.

Advantageously, PMU 2 always receives valuable support and close guidance of the Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial People’s Committee and has the trust and confidence of all-tier authorities to get funds to carry out key projects in the province, for example, building a trunk road from Soc Trang City to the Soc Trang key shrimp - rice economic region via Du Tho Bridge, building the Soc Trang City Eastward trunk road, carrying out an infrastructure construction investment project for transform production based on the local ecosystem and improve livelihoods and adaptation to climate change in Cu Lao Dung region, and carrying out ICRSL Project. In 2019, its total investment capital was VND1,340,745 million, of which PMU 2 had VND1,178,870 million to implement eight transitional projects and 11 new projects and the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development had VND161,875 million to launch two new construction projects. As of January 31, 2020, PMU 2 disbursed as much as planned in 2019. At the same time, it rolled over VND284 billion of unused funding of 2019 to projects executed in 2020.

To realize the goal of improving working performance, in its leadership, PMU 2 leaders always stick to key tasks and focus on innovations. Its disbursement value always stands top in the province and grows year by year. Many projects were carried out ahead of schedule like the project to expand Le Hong Phong Road, the project to prevent saline intrusion for production on the left bank of the Saintard River, the project to develop the eastward traffic axis, the project to build an arterial traffic axis developed from Soc Trang City to the Soc Trang rice - shrimp key economic region via Du Tho Bridge.

In addition to professional activities, PMU 2 also gives good advice to the Soc Trang Provincial People’s Committee in directing and administering socioeconomic development and proposes solutions to curb inflation, stabilize macro-economy, and ensure social security and sustainable growth. PMU 2 also proactively advises the Chairperson of the Provincial People's Committee on measures to deal with difficulties and obstacles; proposes new mechanisms and policies to stabilize prices, curb inflation, improve the business investment environment and enhance economic competitiveness of Soc Trang province.

Remarking on traffic construction investment, agricultural and rural development in Soc Trang province in recent years, PMU 2 Director Nguyen Thu Thao said, most executed projects produced good results and achieved their goals. It is important that the province organized many meetings, provided information, introduced potential investment projects and carried out many projects that ensured good socioeconomic performance. The Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial People’s Council and the Provincial People’s Committee always firmly and closely directed and adhered to central plans, perspectives and directions; coordinated with local agencies to help PMU 2 to do its work quickly and shorten the time of construction preparation procedures to implement projects smoothly.

Soc Trang Project Management Unit 2 was established on the basis of consolidating three units: Project Management Board of Transport Infrastructure Construction under the Department of Transport, Project Management Board of Agricultural Works Construction Project, and Project Management Unit of Rural Water Supply and Sanitation under Department of Agriculture and Rural Development.

For its part, PMU 2 always actively fulfils its assigned political tasks and plays an important part in boosting socioeconomic development. The unit also advises and performs various other jobs such as improving rapid and accurate project evaluation quality and bid evaluation results; speeding up reforms of single-window administrative procedures in internal evaluation processes to simplify administrative procedures and facilitate investors. PMU 2 also improves service quality, ensures the time of processing documents for businesses and avoids backlogs for organizations, businesses and citizens when they contact to work.

As for its central task in the coming time, PMU 2 will urge contractors to concentrate resources to speed up the construction progress of transitional projects and ongoing projects; and actively coordinate with relevant bodies to complete investment procedures for new projects launched in 2020. It will continue to improve leadership and combat capacity of officials and employees, especially factors necessary for PMU 2 to manage projects under current regulations, ensure progress/schedule and quality, monitor project quality, environmental sanitation, traffic safety and labor in transport and rural development.

By Cong Luan, Vietnam Business Forum