VNPT Nam Dinh Affirming Solid Position

2:08:04 PM | 15/4/2020

Securing the No. 1 position in Nam Dinh province, VNPT Nam Dinh has been actively contributing to the development strategy of Vietnam Posts and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) and local socioeconomic development.

The telecom - information technology market has developed very quickly in recent years and the rivalry among service providers is increasingly fierce. This reality has greatly impacted the business performance of VNPT Nam Dinh. However, thanks to collective efforts and strong administration, its business results are always good and growing.

Efforts recognized

Mr. Phan Duc Chinh, Deputy Director of VNPT Nam Dinh, said, in 2019, its telecom - IT revenue rose by 2.16% over 2018. To best serve customer needs, VNPT Nam Dinh focuses on improving service quality. Communication quality is always smooth and stable to effectively serve Party direction and authorities’ administration, serve national defense and security and local people’s needs.

Not only obtaining outstanding business growth, VNPT Nam Dinh also contributes positively to the local socioeconomic development strategy. After signing an agreement on strategic telecom and IT cooperation in 2014-2020 with the Nam Dinh Provincial People’s Committee, VNPT Group has endeavored and actively executed comprehensive cooperation contents. Up to now, VNPT Nam Dinh has become an IT service provider with products for e-government, HIS for health sector, EduVNN for education sector, cloud computing applications, internet of things (IoT) and M2M. Telecom and IT applications are moving towards digitalization.

Furthermore, VNPT has deployed a fiber optic network across the province and served authorities at all levels and professional agencies to meet the demand for specialized data transmission networks and internet, enabling Nam Dinh province to launch synchronous IT applications (e.g. electronic document management system, electronic information portal, video conferencing, educational information system and health information system). Such items as document management, workflow administration and web portal have helped form a transparent environment and improve the Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI).

In 2019, VNPT launched a national document axis and hosted an online video conference on the Government's natural disaster prevention and control.

Not only helping Nam Dinh build e-government successfully, VNPT has built a hospital information management system (VNPT-His) and met overall management requirements of user units and authorities. In the education sector, the Vietnam Education Network (vnEdu) has been deployed in 400 schools. In the social insurance sector, more and more units are using VNPT's I-VAN portal to declare social insurance online. The digital signature service provided by VNPT also plays an important role in online tax declaration.

Adhering to local development

Mr. Chinh said, to achieve the above results, VNPT Nam Dinh has made efforts to carry out many consistent measures for higher customer service quality by proactively and practically researching and assessing facts, and making appropriate adjustments for each month. As a result, most services are accessible to customers and helpful for VNPT Group branding.

Defining that key services in 2020 are e-government, e-health, e-education, smart agriculture, smart environment, smart cities and smart businesses, VNPT Nam Dinh will focus on optimizing digital synergies between State-owned enterprises (SOEs), focus on the SME market, actively cooperate with agencies in agreements on information technology, smart cities. It will also establish close relationships with its partners.

In addition, VNPT Nam Dinh will boost IT services like CA, VnEdu, e-government, social insurance and video conferencing, while new services are increasing the revenue share of IT services, including electronic invoices, digital signature authentication, VNPT-HIS, pharmacy management, new IT and project management. VNPT Nam Dinh will strive to maintain its No. 1 role (both in market share and political duties) in providing telecom-IT services in Nam Dinh province, especially Vinaphone mobile market share, internet market share, paid television market share and IT service market share.

By Ngo San, Vietnam Business Forum