Tam Thang 2 Industrial Park - Attractive Destination for Investors

9:53:04 AM | 25/5/2020

In August 2017, Capella Land Joint Stock Company officially started construction of 103-ha Tam Thang 2 Industrial Park in in Tam Thang Commune, Tam Ky City, Quang Nam Province. Since its inception, Tam Thang 2 Industrial Park has attracted many big well-branded investors in the world.

Operations perfected, advantages tapped

Tam Thang 2 is an industrial zone in Chu Lai Open Economic Zone, invested by Capella Land Joint Stock Company. It gives priority to garment-textile, electric and electronic equipment manufacturing, machine manufacturing, high-tech, pharmaceuticals, and plastic industries. Currently, the park has successfully attracted many large domestic and foreign investment projects engaged in auto parts manufacturing, mechanical engineering, and dyeing from South Korea, Germany and other countries.

The industrial zone lies in an extremely favorable location, only 7 km from Tam Ky City, 2.5 km from National Highway 1A to the west, 25 km from Truong Hai Port, 35 km from Ky Ha Port to the northwest, 60 km from Dung Quoc Port, 70 km from Tien Sa Port in Da Nang City, 35 km from Chu Lai Airport, 70 km from Da Nang International Airport and 6 km from Tam Ky Railway Station to the northeast. Until now, the infrastructure system for business operations of tenants has been completed, featured with standard traffic routes linked to factories, modern water supply and drainage system, power grid and centralized wastewater treatment plants. In particular, the park is planned to be a multi-sector industrial park, developed towards green growth. The company has cooperated with local water suppliers and installed water supply systems capable of providing 100,000 cubic meters a day.

Strengthening the foothold

When asked about core magnets of Tam Thang 2 Industrial Park to many investors, Mr. Tran Ngoc Anh, General Director of Capella Land, said, “The core magnet is the tax policy. Secondary investors in Tam Thang 2 Industrial Park are entitled to the preferential tax rate of 10% in 15 years; exempted from corporate income tax in the first four years with taxable income and a 50% tax cut in the next nine years. They not only find an ideal location for their projects at the most reasonable rent rate, but they are also supported to work with investment procedures and investment support services by Capella Land in a professional, rapid manner. They are also assisted to seek solutions to their problems before and after they make investment. Capella Land is always proud to bring together a professional workforce with nearly 20 years of experience in investment, industrial park development and investment attraction to build a strong and sustainable apparatus for development.”

At present, Quang Nam province has achieved a lot of good results in investment attraction. In recent years, with its ongoing efforts to reform administrative procedures towards the single-window mechanism, create an open and transparent investment environment, Quang Nam has become an attractive destination for investors. The province is also one of central localities effectively utilizing advantages of transport infrastructure, abundant high-quality human resources, open and transparent administrative procedures, lower industrial land rent rates than the national average and preferential investment policies. Furthermore, Vietnam signed free trade agreements such as CPTPP and EVFTA which are creating an impetus to direct FDI flows to Vietnam. Given this context, General Director Tran Ngoc Anh said, “These are all good signs for Tam Thang 2 Industrial Zone to move forward to realize immediate and future goals. It always offers investors a synchronous, modern infrastructure system, professional and reputable support services with the criteria: “The success of customers is the success of Capella. We are always ready to accompany and advance with investors.”

Source: Vietnam Business Forum