Phu Tho Builds New Sustainable Countryside

10:57:45 AM | 3/6/2020

New rural development has given a facelift to the countryside of Phu Tho province, especially in recognized communes where the socioeconomic infrastructure has been built in a synchronized and sustainable manner.

Believing that “New rural development is a continuous, long-term process, with a starting point but without an end point”, relevant agencies and localities have necessarily reviewed and soon completed objectives approved by competent authorities for 2016-2020 period. At the same time, they are essentially formulating specific, practical programs and action plans for the period beyond 2020. Districts, communes and districts that met new countryside standards have focused on directing and identifying contents and solutions for approaching advanced standards in 2021 - 2025.

Mr. Tran Tu Anh, Deputy Director of the Phu Tho Department of Agriculture and Rural Development, added that currently, new rural development is strongly changing from "quantity" to "quality". Therefore, maintaining the new countryside criteria achieved is the most important task for new rural development. Currently, the province is reviewing achieved new countryside criteria, by commune, in order to have appropriate supports and solutions to maintain and develop the criteria in a sustainable manner and move toward advanced new countryside standards in districts, communes and villages that already met new countryside standards.

In addition to diversifying communication forms to make people better understand their benefits from the new rural development program, localities need to further restructure the agricultural sector and change the growth model associated with organic agricultural development. They need to build cooperation chains and production links for key crops and animal products, together forming modern wholesale markets or centers for agricultural products. They must focus on developing key products under the One Commune One Product (OCOP) Program, as well as paying attention to branding, labeling and traceability of OCOP products. This is the motivational breakthrough content that adds vitality to the new rural development program in the coming time.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum