Improving the Efficiency of Integration

9:41:16 AM | 24/6/2020

In implementing the Resolution of the 10th Provincial Party Congress and the Resolution of the Second Provincial Party Congress of the Department of Industry and Trade (tenure 2015-2020), Kien Giang Industry and Trade sector has made efforts to overcome difficulties and strongly develop, and successfully implemented the objectives and tasks set out in the Resolution of the Congress.

In 2016, the industrial production value (comparative price in 2010) of Kien Giang province reached VND 36,869.35 billion, then increased to VND 47,662 billion in 2019, and it is expected to reach VND 51,697 billion in 2020, with an average increase of 8.2% per year. Total retail sales of goods and service revenues in 2016 reached VND 73,300 billion, in 2019 reached VND 108,221 billion; in 2020 will be 109,892 billion VND, with an average increase of 11.26% / year. Export turnover in 2016 reached US$350 million, in 2019 reached US$680 million; in 2020 are estimated to be US$780 million. Industrial production and development of industrial clusters in the province have prospered; agricultural and aquatic product processing plants are associated with newly developed raw material areas, and have improved their processing capacity. Up to now, there are 3/4 industrial clusters invested in infrastructure by enterprises and attracting 8 investment projects.

In the field of commerce, the province has focused on developing and expanding the commercial infrastructure system such as shopping centers, supermarkets, convenience stores and traditional markets, ensuring smooth circulation of goods from urban areas to rural areas, borders and islands. It has implemented to complete the plan of the Provincial People's Committee for the period of 2015-2020 on e-commerce, protecting consumer rights, in association with the campaign "Vietnamese give priority to Vietnamese goods" and deploying the market stabilization solutions, the program of one product for each commune.

In the context of extensive international economic integration, the Industry and Trade sector regularly organizes propaganda and disseminating the contents on opportunities and challenges of free trade agreements that Vietnam has signed to various departments, sectors and enterprises; review and propose solutions to support businesses in order to boost exports. The trade promotion activities have been implemented methodically, helping the province's export market to be increasingly expanded. Currently, Kien Giang has 40 export enterprises in 38 markets, an increase of 7 markets compared to the previous term.

Especially in the latest term, the Department of Industry and Trade also performed well the Standing role of Steering Committee 389 / KG; directing the inspection and control of the market, combating smuggling, trade fraud, fake goods, especially on holidays and New Year, contributing to stabilizing the market. The administrative reform has been promoted and increasingly effective; building a plan to improve the competitiveness of the Industry and Trade sector associated with increasing the application of information technology in the management of the industry. The department regularly reviews and shortens the time to resolve administrative procedures compared with the prescribed time, and implements administrative procedure settlement on the online public service system, creating favorable conditions for people and businesses.

Director of the Department of Industry and Trade of Kien Giang Province, Mr. Ngo Cong Tuoc, said that by identifying the improvement of Provincial Competitiveness Index (PCI) to be the core driving force for the province’s rapid and sustainable socio-economic development, the Department always attached importance to focusing on improving indices in the field of Industry and Trade, contributing to raising the competitiveness of the industry and the province; creating a favorable environment for export business enterprises. In the coming time, in order to ensure the maintenance and improvement of PCI scores and rankings in the province, the Department of Industry and Trade of Kien Giang has developed a PCI Enhancement Plan to coordinate with departments, sectors and localities to promote implementation of key tasks and sectoral documents; overcome and improve scores for the indices with low points, decreasing points and decreasing rankings. It will continue to promote administrative reform, focus on reviewing and shortening the time for resolving administrative procedures compared to the prescribed time and to raise the resolution of administrative procedures to level 3 and 4. It will well perform discipline, administrative discipline, and local culture associated with raising the sense of responsibility and attitude to serve the people, not to cause negative situation.

 The Department of Industry and Trade continues to promote the supply of domestic and foreign market information on the Market news of Kien Giang province every 10 days to support localities and enterprises to be proactive in guiding direction, production and business. At the same time, it will continue to review the performance of businesses, especially industrial production and import-export enterprises to promptly propose solutions to remove difficulties, support enterprises to develop efficient business and production, thus contributing practically to the socio-economic development of the province.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum