Vietcombank Ha Nam in Close Partnership with Businesses

10:55:06 AM | 24/8/2020

Vietcombank Ha Nam was established and put into operation in 2012, later than other State-owned commercial banks in the province. Inheriting the advantages of the Vietcombank brand, supported by the local government and Vietcombank, supported and trusted by customers and boosted by employee efforts, Vietcombank Ha Nam has made great progress in business performance and ranks among the Big 4 banks in Ha Nam province.

Impressive growth

After more than eight years of construction and development, since its tough inception with just 30 employees, insufficient facilities and rented head office, Vietcombank Ha Nam now has over 70 enthusiastic, dynamic, creative, well-trained employees, a new spacious office and four modern and convenient transaction offices to meet growing requirements of local socioeconomic development.

Vietcombank Ha Nam has always successfully completed its business targets since 2012, with rising annual results. The branch’s total fund rose 53% annually to more than VND3,300 billion. Total outstanding loans reached VND3,000 billion, growing over 76% year on year on average, outperforming other commercial banks in the province. The non-performing loan (NPL) ratio is always lower than the system average (below 0.2%). With an expanding customer base, Vietinbank Ha Nam has business ties with 1,600 institutional customers and 1.4 million personal customers engaged in almost all economic fields. Import-export payment and foreign currency trading are on the rise.

Business support

Following the guiding principle "Adaptability - Safety - Efficiency - Sustainability", Vietcombank Ha Nam has actively expanded its capital sources, diversified attractive funding sources and gradually increased the share of cheap credit products for customers. Furthermore, the branch always actively studies hardships against customers to provide timely support, reduce lending interest rates and supply best credit products for corporate customers.

Like other entities in the whole Vietcombank system, the Ha Nam branch offers customers modern and convenient banking products and services like credit, international and domestic payment, card, electronic banking and retail banking. Its products and services are always renewed, upgraded and developed appropriately to better meet the needs of corporate and individual customers. In particular, Vietcombank Ha Nam has become a reliable transaction address for many FDI enterprises when they choose to invest in Ha Nam, thanks to its outstanding import and export payment products and services.

By cooperating with local authorities and agencies, Vietcombank Ha Nam has gradually directed its customers to use non-cash payment products and services such as e-banking, debit card and credit card to quicken transactions and reduce cash in circulation.

Vietcombank Ha Nam's development has provided businesses and people in Ha Nam with the most advanced and modern banking services and contributed to local socioeconomic development.

The COVID-19 pandemic is spreading around the world and affecting customers' business. In order to promptly help them tackle difficulties, Vietcombank Ha Nam has actively collected customer suggestions and worked out support policies such as debt structure, debt rescheduling and interest rate reduction. It has also strictly implemented epidemic prevention measures recommended by the Ministry of Health to protect customer and community health.

Besides business activities, Vietcombank Ha Nam pays special attention to social security. Its remarkable activities include building houses for people with recognized service and sacrifice to the nation, supporting poor and disadvantaged families, providing relief to flood victims and building clinics and schools. After more than eight years of operation, the branch donated over VND28 billion in total to social security activities.

With a united and dedicated workforce, Vietcombank Ha Nam has successfully completed its 2019 business plans and will continue its efforts to overcome difficulties to successfully complete its tasks in 2020 to contribute to the growth of the branch, the Vietcombank system and Ha Nam province as  a whole.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum