BIDV Binh Duong Joining Hands with Partners, Customers to Respond to COVID-19 Pandemic

8:30:32 AM | 4/9/2020

As an early credit institution with the mission of “investment and development” in Binh Duong province, BIDV Binh Duong has made many important marks in local socioeconomic development. In addition to BIDV’s unique work environment, traditions, individuality and virtues, the Branch confidently asserts its leading position in activities and strongly contributes to the robust transformation of Binh Duong.


Given the rapid change of Binh Duong province, BIDV Binh Duong has always successfully performed its assigned tasks. The branch made development breakthroughs in 2006-2015 and in 2016-2020. Mr. Tran Ngoc Linh, Director of BIDV Binh Duong, said, “BIDV has five branches in Binh Duong province and BIDV Binh Duong is the root. The branch achieved a credit growth of 12%, a profit growth of 10% and a bad debt ratio of less than 1%. All employees, from top to bottom, are proud of the branch performance. Specifically, the Party, State and authorities of all levels and sectors presented many noble titles and awards for the 5-year development period from 2012 to 2016, typically the First-class Labor Order and the Certificate of Merit from Binh Duong Provincial People's Committee. in the BIDV system, for many consecutive years, BIDV Binh Duong always successfully fulfils its tasks and is one of best performers in the BIDV system.”

Not only focusing on professional capacity and professional ethics, the branch also strives to create a friendly working environment, such as a common roof for each staff member to work to their full capacity and dedication. Particularly, BIDV Binh Duong is actively taking part in social security with practical and effective contributions. Typically, every year the branch builds charitable houses for disadvantaged families. Recently, seeing salinity intrusion evolve and seriously affect the agricultural sector, production and people's lives in Ben Tre, BIDV Binh Duong presented clean water bottles to people in need of clean water there. Linh said that the branch also made an effort to become a project investor, typically projects in new Binh Duong City and industrial zones.

Readily siding with business

Given the rapid economic development of the province and the country as well, business support is an ongoing effort of BIDV Binh Duong to maintain long-term relationships. However, how to cooperate, support and bring the best and safest interests to both customers and BIDV is a matter of concern for BIDV Binh Duong, especially when the COVID-19 epidemic broke out from the beginning of 2020.

Director Linh said, “The bank’s operation is closely related to all changes of organizations and individuals in society. Since the development and impact of the COVID-19 epidemic are deemed serious, complicated and unpredictable, it is not easy to complete the plan in 2020. But, no matter how difficult it is, for BIDV Binh Duong, customers and partners are always placed at the center. Therefore, we are determined to give up our profits to share with them by lowering lending rates, maintaining the debt status of customers affected by the COVID-19 epidemic. In this context, BIDV Binh Duong just wants to keep fit rather than hastily speed up. The branch is focusing on delivering banking policies and services, supporting customers to make transactions via the internet. While offering good credit packages to support small and medium enterprises, rural development companies, information technology companies and parts manufacturers, the bank provides special support to industry leaders to focus on local investment attraction.”

He affirmed that BIDV Binh Duong is determined to side with local socioeconomic development and always offers a helping hand for the Party and State to carry out economic development policies where the national monetary policy is central.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum