Striving to Ensure a Healthy Business Environment

10:06:09 AM | 22/12/2020

Recently, the Market Management Department (MMD) of Vinh Long province has effectively implemented many solutions to combat commercial fraud activities and the selling of smuggled goods, counterfeit goods and poor quality goods, contributing to protecting the interests of consumers and building a healthy business environment in the province.

A lean organizational structure

Implementing Decision 3697/QD-BCT dated October 11th, 2018 of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, Vinh Long Department of Market Management has focused on organizing the apparatus in a streamlined and effective direction to meet requirements in the new situation. Accordingly, by the end of 2019, the Department has decreased from 9 teams to 5 teams; the number of civil servants and employees decreased from 58 people to 48 people. According to the plan, by the end of 2020, the Department will be reduced to 4 teams of market management.

Associated with streamlining the apparatus, the Department of Market Management of Vinh Long has focused on improving the quality of human resources by sending a team to participate in training courses, to improve professional qualifications and political theory; reviewing and choosing staff for planning and appointment, reappointing leaders at the department, division and team levels for meeting standard cases. The unit has 24/48 staff members with political qualifications from intermediate to advanced levels, accounting for 50% of the total number of civil servants and employees; over 94% of civil servants and workers have bachelor or postgraduate degrees.

In general, after more than 2 years of operation under the General Department of Market Management, the organizational structure of Vinh Long Market Management Department has been stabilized, with reduced administrative staffing and budget saving. At the same time, the direction and management of task implementation have become more smooth and unified. In particular, the real activities show that the reduction of market management teams has made a clear change, becoming increasingly effective in the prevention of smuggling, trade fraud and counterfeit goods in the market.

In the coming time, the Department will continue to consolidate in terms of organizational apparatus, supplement sufficient and qualified human resources to continue to perform well their functions and complete assigned tasks, contributing to socio-economic development of the province.

Strengthening the fight to prevent smuggling

Vinh Long is an inland province, the center of the Mekong Delta region. Although there are no border lines and no coasts, there are many highways passing through the province. The province is located in the downstream of the Mekong River basin, between two major waterways, the Tien River and the Hau River, and the intertwined river network. This has posed threats of trading, transporting smuggled goods, counterfeit goods, low quality goods, infringement of intellectual property rights, and tax evasion.

In fact, in recent years, this situation has progressed very complicatedly; goods transported through the area have proved difficult to control. The methods and tricks of the smugglers are increasingly sophisticated, reckless and dynamic. The suspects frequently change the mode of transport, time and place of delivery to avoid the control of the functional forces.

In 2020, Vinh Long Department of Market Management has propagated to 751 representatives of enterprises, and production and business establishments in the province. It has conducted inspection and control of 584 cases of smuggling, trade fraud, goods of unknown origin, banned goods, counterfeit goods, or infringement of intellectual property rights.

Through fighting, there were violations detected and 338 cases handled with a total value of confiscated, temporarily seized and sanctioned goods of VND 4.83 billion.

They have used a variety of vehicles operating at night, discreetly camouflaged, running at high speed, very dangerous and ready to obstruct or even fight against anti-smuggling forces when inspected. Inspection, tracking and handling thus become difficult.

In this context, Vinh Long Market Management Department has focused on implementing the instructions of the General Department, Provincial People's Committee and Provincial Steering Committee 389. Specifically, it includes strengthening local management, reviewing business organizations and individuals; coordinating with the Traffic Police in inspecting and combating smuggling on goods transportation.

Along with the inspection and control of the market, the prevention and handling of violations, the Department has promoted legal propaganda and education to raise awareness of law observance in commercial activities for organizations and individual production and business. This is a key mission throughout the unit's implementation process.

Source: Vietnam Business Forum