Ben Tre Province Expanding Export Markets

3:26:39 PM | 8/7/2005

Ben Tre Province Expanding Export Markets 


In 2001-2005, Ben Tre recorded big progress in export. Based on available resources, local businesses have created export products of high value and competitiveness increasing the export value to US$357.5 million or a 32 per cent increase a year.


Trade promotion boosted


With support from related organisations, since 2001, Ben Tre has organised several promotion programmes assisting businesses to participate in 15 fairs in major cities, 6 fairs in foreign countries,  advertisement of export items on websites and displays in New York and Dubai. As a result, several contracts have been signed and export markets expanded. The province has increased export activities encouraging foreign businesses processing coconut such as Phu Hung and Malaysia companies, granting investment licenses to T & J Co., Ltd (USA) and Peabody Asia Limited (British Virgin Island). The province now has 30 enterprises and over 50 factories for export.


Ben Tre has called for foreign investment in such projects as STOFA  (Denmark), training aquatic technicians,  Cacao development, coconut planters. The province has also encouraged investment with a bonus for export, tax reduction for equipment in export industries,  zero per cent tax rate for agricultural and aquatic exports, support in export credit and trade promotion expenses.


Export markets to expand


In the coming years, Ben Tre will expand markets and export activities increasing its annual export value 24-28 per cent by 2010 with aquatic products, agricultural produce, garment, handicraft products, electric appliances, electronic and IT products. The province will maintain traditional markets in China, Japan, the EU, the ROK, Taiwan and expand to new markets. 

  • Hoa Binh